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Hey anons, We love (you) because everything you do you do for everyone else but you. You do it for your loved ones, for the smile on people's faces, for those children's laughters, even for your weird neighbours. That's how selfless you are. You do it for the weak, for the lost, for the shillies, for the faggots, for billions of people unknown to you. That's how human you are. You do it for this cute planet and for the lovely beings living with it no matter how tiny they may be. That's how caring you are. You jump into a pond of unknown depths and face evil with a meme. That's how courageous you are. You inner peace is as mighty as an ocean. You even feel like forgiving your worst enemy if he would beg for forgiveness. That's how amazing you are. Through deepest darkness you let love guide you like a blinking firefly. You let the sound of rain calm your soul until the birds sing again. That's how enduring you are. You are full of life and full of freedom. You make believe and never give in. That's how inspiring you are. You are like trees united in a wood no storm can harm. And that's how truly fren you are.



The lack of posts these last two weeks were due to an amazing family vacation. I was able to spend much needed quality time with my children and wife due to a temporary layoff at work. Fishing, swimming, camping, strengthening our relationships with each other and just enjoying ourselves. Refusing to let anything ruin our time together.

A little back story:

I've had a boring 40+ hour a week job for 9 years now, working alternating weekend hours at a major manufacturing plant, the pay is good but I hate it. I also own a hobby farm about 20 miles outside the city. The farm, I always joked was my "Strategic Retreat" from the insanity that was in the cities and suburbs we fled almost eight years ago. This was my plan for when the SHTF. I learned to garden for self reliance, some medium scale poultry (meat and eggs), hunt, fish, canning foods basic mechanics, carpentry ect ect. When people would ask what the hell I was doing, I'd always try to explain to them on a level I thought they could handle. Most couldn't see or understand the dangers or the levels of corruption I was attempting to describe. At that time I didn't even know what do about it, but to just be prepared for it.

Between farm chores and occasional ability to listen and learn while at work I had about as much of the podcast and video listening time I could ever want. It was nothing to listen to 10 plus hours of news educational or informational podcasts a day and be able to consume and distill the news for what it was. Odd hours at work allowed for late nights digging and operating multiple social media accounts, occasional bakes, and building this website.

I am also the father of three beautiful children. When Q started posting in 2017 there were only two, and they were fairly young. Our third was born in early 2020. As they have grown into inquisitive little children, they are demanding more and more of me. These last two weeks really hit me with how fast they are growing up. All I ever wanted for them is a better world to live in.

I have some personal course correction changes I'm needing to make in near future for the longer term stability and well being of my family and my self. I have determined that I need to start looking for a more physically appropriate job for someone with two bad shoulders. I will still be here along the way but may come to change up the style and frequency of postings.

I initially created this site to host offsite bakers who wanted to produce a civilian friendly "Anon News Network" that would help create and train new anons, while also allowing curious eyes see a filtered yet real version of what has happened within our movement over time. Its a bit slower than posting on social media, the instant gratification may not be there but we are listed in the bread and I like to think that that is pretty significant. If you are interested in helping produce posts send me an email, and lets talk.

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-Welcome to the Deepend!



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-Welcome to the Deepend!


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