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Gov. Newsom Enters Panic Mode Ahead Of Recall Election

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One America News Network, [06.08.21 13:28] Gov. Newsom Enters Panic Mode Ahead Of Recall Election

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) has pointed fingers over the effort to get him out of office. When asked what the consequences of a successful recall would be during an interview last week, Newsom argued they would be negative and warned Democrats the effects would be “felt across the country” if the National Democratic Party did not help save him. “I can think it will be quite pronounced for many, many years. I think it will be felt all across the country. I think that people really haven’t thought that through,” he stated. “I don’t think they’re asking that question. I don’t think the National Democratic Party is asking themselves that question.” All the Recall candidates tonight showed that they were credible, knowledgeable on the issues, and far more capable of governing this State than Gavin Newsom — James Gallagher (@J_GallagherAD3) August 5, 2021 Newsom claimed the judge who approved the recall as well as TV news networks have been biased against him. He added voters who signed the petition did not read it through. The governor also tried to justify his record and argued voters should just wait for his term to expire. “Look, you don’t like me, you have a chance to vote me out start of the primary next year,” he expressed. “We elect people for terms. Two year, four year terms.” Newsom’s plea for people to hold off until next year could be prompted by a poll released on Wednesday, which showed 51 percent of California voters wanted him recalled. Most cited his poor handling of COVID-19 and senseless business closures.

Meanwhile, out of the 46 candidates running to replace the liberal Democrat, conservative radio talk show host Larry Elder by far leads the pack. Elder Statesman: How Larry Elder Became The Leading Candidate To Replace Gavin Newsom In The Recall Election.

#WeveGotAStateToSave — Larry Elder (@larryelder) August 6, 2021 Calif. Republican Party To Hold Virtual Endorsement Meeting In Governor Recall Election The California Republican Party is set to decide which candidate they’ll endorse in the state’s gubernatorial recall election. Conservative radio talk show host Larry Elder has been leading in the polls in the race to recall and replace Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom. Elder is one of four GOP candidates the California Republican Party has considered endorsing in the recall election.

Kevin Faulconer could also potentially win the support of the California GOP. The former San Diego mayor has slammed Newsom over his handling of the pandemic and has pointed to his record as he vows to tackle the many issues Californians are facing. In addition, State Assemblyman Kevin Kiley is also being considered. As well as, former California Congressman Doug Ose who stressed government overreach needs to stop. Reckless. Dangerous. Costly Mismanagement. It’s time to #RecallGavinNewsom — CAGOP (@CAGOP) August 3, 2021 The California GOP is slated to hold a virtual meeting on Saturday to decide which candidate they will endorse in the Sept. 14 election. A candidate must win 60 percent of the party’s votes to be endorsed, otherwise no endorsement will be made.

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