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Gov-Elect Youngkin Promised to End Lockdowns, Stop Vax Mandates, Strip Anti-White CRT from Eduction

Anonymous 11/03/21 (Wed) 18:12:35 b627de (18) No.14917025

ANALYSIS: Governor-Elect Youngkin Promised to End Lockdowns, Stop Vax Mandates, Strip Anti-White CRT from Education Conservatives will need to hold Youngkin's feet to the fire to ensure he keeps his promises Prior to his upset victory last night, Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin campaigned on promises to end lockdowns, stop coronavirus vaccine

mandates, and remove anti-white CRT from education. Following a tough race in Virginia against former Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe, Youngkin has become the Governor-elect, standing on a platform that

has appealed to much of the Republican base, seemingly even managing to convert some former liberals who were concerned about the influence that the radical left has on the Democrat Party. Conservatives and supporters of 45th President Donald Trump have much to look forward to under his leadership in Virginia, at least according to Youngkin’s campaign promises. The primary issue that may have turned many voters off from McAuliffe towards Youngkin was his recent strong stance against the indoctrination of children into believing anti-white critical race theory that was taking place in Virginia’s schools, and schools across the nation. Youngkin stood with parents against McAuliffe, who during the campaign suggested that they should have no input into the education of the children. With Virginia voters, who named education as their number one priority, a 33 point lead in the opinion polls for McAuliffe in September transferred to a 9 point lead for Youngkin in the last days of the race. This gives the Governor-elect a strong mandate to reform the education system, and crack down on school boards that leave children vulnerable to both psychological and physical harm from those who push for an anti-white or LGBT agenda. When he begins his term as Governor, Youngkin further promised that economically-damaging coronavirus lockdowns would come to an end pm tje forst day, saying in a campaign stop on Monday that he would declare Virginia “open for business.” This promise flies in the face of those such as Anthony Fauci and Joe Biden who have been pushing for the country to sacrifice everything for a virus with an almost 99% survival rate.

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