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"Godfather II" - Durham Filing

Michael Sussmann update - Sussmann filed motion to dismiss this is the Governments response

Anonymous 02/17/22 (Thu) 18:19:38 08a488 (3) No.15652786


Anonymous 02/17/22 (Thu) 18:14:43 08a488 (3) No.15652745


In light of the above, there is no basis to strike any portion of the Government’s Motion. Indeed, the Government intends to file motions in limine in which it will further discuss these and other pertinent facts to explain why they constitute relevant and admissible evidence at trial. Pursuant to caselaw and common practice in this and other districts, the filing of documents containing reference to such evidence on the public docket is appropriate and proper, even in highprofile cases where the potential exists that such facts could garner media attention


Anonymous 02/17/22 (Thu) 18:23:22 16b580 (20) No.15652814


The Godfather II (1974) | Movie Recap & Film Summary


Q's "Godfather" posts point to Godfather III, not Godfather II.

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