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Garrett Ziegler says concrete evidence on Laptop show Hallie and Hunter Sexually Inappropriate.

Anonymous 03/22/22 (Tue) 19:42:06 7b91a1 (21) No.15921566

“Marco Polo, a research group associated with Garrett Ziegler – who previously worked in the White House during the Trump administration – made the text messages from Hunter Biden’s laptop available to the public ( via the Marco Polo website. Ziegler told Valiant News that ‘For an unspecified amount of time in 2018, Hunter Biden was not allowed to be alone with his niece, Natalie Biden.’ ‘Based on the concrete evidence from the Biden laptop,’ the former Trump White House staffer explained, ‘no fewer than 11 people made aware of allegations from Hallie Biden that Hunter was ‘sexually inappropriate’ and/or ‘gettin’ off sexually’ with his niece.’ ‘At the very least,’ Ziegler added, ‘multiple state level crimes were committed as four of those 11 people were mandated reporters.’”


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