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Former NYPD Union boss, Roy Richter, is tragically dead by an alleged suicide

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Former NYPD Union boss, Roy Richter, is tragically dead by an alleged suicide. Multiple members of the NYPD who had knowledge of the contents on Anthony Weiner’s laptop have died suspiciously over the past few years. The evidence they saw made them sick, and many had to seek counseling.

What did Richter know?

For those of you who aren’t aware, the evidence found on Weiner’s laptop, reported by True Pundit in 2016, implicated Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin and associates in these crimes:

• Money laundering

• Child exploitation

• Sex crimes with minors (children)

• Perjury

• Pay to play through Clinton Foundation

• Obstruction of justice

• Other felony crimes

In 2018 the IG Report backed up this story citing: “Hillary Clinton & Foundation Crimes Against Children.”

Over the past year, President Trump has repeatedly mentioned the Weiner laptop , and I’m confident there will be mass disclosure on the horrific evidence found on that computer.

This is Pizzagate.

Pray for Richter’s family.


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Anonymous 10/04/23 (Wed) 18:41:50 708f2d (28) No.19668901

LIZ CROKIN @LizCrokin STRANGE: Roy Richter --- who tragically died by an alleged suicide — served as the NYPD’s Captain Endowment Association President when the website for the NYPD’s union was hit with a cyberattack in 2015. Richter said at the time the malware attack was likely tied to the global hacking collective Anonymous. In a Hill article about the attack from 2015 that’s still live as of this tweet, the word mosads was inserted in brackets out of context before the third graph. What is up with that? Bizarre. Image 11:29 AM · Oct 4, 2023 · 1,616 Views


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