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Former Maricopa Co Recorder on 2020 County Election Strategy (vid)

Post 51696 11 hours ago • View on 8kun [Forwarded from Arizona Informer Channel] [ Video - see CAP] In this clip from an April 2020 zoom call, former Maricopa County Recorder, Adrian Fontes, discusses how he worked with recorders all over Arizona to prepare for the 2020 election, starting as early as 2017. He specifically discussed a "site book" for Maricopa County that mirrors the "e-poll book". Where is the "site book" now? Do the auditors have it? A big thank you to @SherlockScones for finding this video. Additionally, in 2020 Adrian Fontes was making questionable rule changes to Maricopa County's elections that would make it easier for fraud to occur. The excuse was Coronavirus. Here is our Twitter thread ( the changes as they occurred. Changes included in our thread: - Ballot correction by crossing out "error" vote - Polling location changes. MC went from precinct polling to voting centers. - Virtual voting. - Extended voter registration deadline.

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