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EVERGREEN - Suez Canal Blocked With Mega Container Ship

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NEW - Suez Canal, one of the largest shipping lanes on the planet, blocked with a mega container ship, creating a traffic jam of ships waiting in the Mediterranean, Red Sea, and in the canal itself.



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>107 >17 >Q its a lot of 'coincidences' all at once -Hillary Clinton's callsign by the USSS was "evergreen" -the shipping company is called evergreen -last night a nursing home in new york burned down, it was called evergreen -the callsign for the ship that's currently stuck in the Suez Canal right now is H3RC, which also coincides with Hillary Rodham Clinton -the name of the boat is "ever given". If you convert the letters to their place in the alphabet, i.e. a=1, b=2, …, and all them together it equals 107. the 17th letter of the alphabet is Q. -In the #1279 Q post, Q said "Define Evergreen. When do you call a plumber?" You call a plumber when you have a blockage. The Suez Canal is completely blocked right now

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