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Rally - Election Fraud Recap

Captain of a ship is supposed to wait and watch and work.

-2020 election was rigged. It will go down as the most corrupt election in American History. The evidence of the fraud is monumental. WI officials remove 200,000 voters from the voter rolls after the election, Georgia Adjudication fraud

Detroit more votes than voters,

NV 15 out of the states 17 counties had more votes than voters.

Az 11,000 individuals had and that weren't listed on the rolls.

Az auditors collected sworn affidavit that county election workers abolishes signature matching all together

Maricopa County refuses to turn over the routers.

Trend Analysis by Capt Seth Keshel found over 8M excess votes

I am the one trying to save American Democracy.

The Numbers speak for themselves we got 12M more votes that 2016.

18 out of 19 bellwethers

We won +15 House seats did not lose one incumbent seat.

56% of people thought they were better off during a pandemic that in 2016 when Trump took office.


Dan Scavino

They Know the Truth


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