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El Paso TX - Border Crisis

Listen to a man from El Paso:

“I’ve never seen refugees with brand new Jordans, I’ve never seen refugees with cameras taking videos and TikTok’s, I’ve never seen refugees smoking vapors.


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Texas preparing to send ‘thousands more’ migrants to NYC, Chicago and other sanctuary cities this week

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is preparing to send “thousands more” migrants to the Big Apple, Chicago and other sanctuary cities “in the coming days,” as the border is besieged ahead of Title 42 ending this week. Abbott, a Republican, slammed President Joe Biden for failing to act as states bordering Mexico prepare for the end of the federal policy which has allowed for the fast ejection of immigrants from the US since it went into place in 2021. Even before its end, the border has been swarmed with 81,000 people attempting to cross into the US in the last 10 days. “With the Biden Administration ending Title 42 this Thursday, President Biden is laying down a welcome mat to people across the entire world, saying that the United States border is wide open and it will lead to an incredible amount of people coming across the border illegally,” Abbott told reporters during a Monday press conference, as Texas National Guard members were deployed to the US-Mexico border. The end of Title 42 --- introduced during the pandemic as a public health measure — Abbott said, would likely “cause a catastrophic disaster in the United States.”

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