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/// Anons post is edited to remove error from quoted Q post 490. "→ (EMS)" was added after "Let FREEDOM RING" in post 490. Interesting connections to three different similar and timely points. I got curious and checked for, 870x490 is not listed. May be nothing, May be something. ///

Anonymous 07/05/21 (Mon) 17:20:00 de780e (15) No.14061481

>>14061441 Reminds me of the dig I made earlier about the EAS system I connected dots with from Dans tweet. >>14059705 (lb) Re: Dan's last tweet EVERYTHING HAS MEANING! It's AMAZING how one little tweet can hold SO MUCH information The very pixel count has MEANING (870x490)

870 pixels→Q post 870

SEC_TEST 1 Q Dan's timestamp 12:13 PM (EST)→ Timestamp on Q post 625

Q post 625 SEC_TEST Q

490 pixels→Q post 490

God FOREVER bless our brave men & women who would give their life to defend this GREAT country. God bless each and every Patriot in the world. Let FREEDOM RING. Q


Anonymous 06/17/21 (Thu) 16:08:12 b54569 (2) No.13925458

FCC Announces Nationwide Emergency Alerting Test on August 11, 2021 Full Title: PSHSB Announces Nationwide Test of the Emergency Alert System and Wireless Emergency Alert System on August 11, 2021 and Opens the EAS Test Reporting System for Filings Document Type(s): Public Notice Bureau(s): Public Safety and Homeland Security Description: Announcement that FEMA, in coordination with the FCC, will conduct a nationwide Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) test on August 11, 2021, and that the EAS Test Reporting System is open for filings DA/FCC #: DA-21-680 Docket/RM: 15-91, 15-94


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