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Donald Trumps Interview with Sebastian Gorka- February 28, 2023

Anonymous 02/28/23 (Tue) 23:03:05 cef33d (7) No.18427232

with Sebastian Gorka - February 28, 2023


Audience of 3M- (reach has meaning)

East Palestine, Ohio Train Derailment


Covid recap Fauci

'I never had a doubt, I was telling you a long time ago that's where it came from, people were surprised Id say that and now they're all saying that, well some are saying it, that it came from the Wuhan Lab.'

Cost the U.S. $16T and the World $50T


Chinese Balloon - It wouldn't have happened if I were in the White House.

Russia wouldn't have invaded Ukraine if I were in the White House.

A deal has to be made it has to stop. A deal can be negotiated right now by the right President.

(later) I would have that war ended in 24 hours. Ukraine is being decimated

>DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR: Zelensky wants to Send U.S. Children to fight his war.

President XI of China wouldn't be invading, and we may see that in the not to distant future, Taiwan


Milly warning China's counterpart he would warn if President Trump would take action against China.

>Milley Acted Outside of the Chain of Command When Holding Back Channel Discussions with China

Truth Social Is Hot.


Jeb Bush praises DeSantis then recants claiming it was not an endorsement.

Desantis wants to cut social security

he is a disciple of Pual Ryan

Watching Fox this morning it was like a DeSantis rally

Kilmeade could not find but 1 DeSantis supporter.

New Polls came out recently

>NEW POLL: Trump Holds Gargantuan 30-Point Lead Over DeSantis — And 61-Point Lead Against Nikki Haley


Joe Biden is claiming he wants to run again at 82... Maybe there's something going on with him that we don't know about. There are strange strange things happening. ( Learn to read between the lines)

Weaponization of the FBI- Mar-A-Lago Raid VS Biden's house allowing weeks of forewarning.

We will never be a Marxist Country

The train is long past the socialist station, weather its Communism or Marxism or whatever.

Our Country is in big trouble from the open borders and wanting to quadruple your taxes.

Vote on Election day more likely to be counted.

One day voting, all paper ballots, voter ID.

Democrat Politicians don't want voter ID, because they need to cheat.

All Republican Governors should absolutely take their states to same day voting all paper ballots, voter ID.

For those who have lost heart: You have to keep going, you can never quit, you can never give up.

America First

Make America Great Again!

We've got to win this election.

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