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Donald Trump Jr. Launches MxM News

Anonymous 03/30/22 (Wed) 21:39:54 62fcc8 (2) No.15980175

Repost from late (lb) Downloaded Jr., Thank you! 9:08 pm 9+8 = 17 Donald Trump Jr. / @DonaldJTrumpJr 03/30/2022 21:08:42 Guys for those who have been curious what else I’ve been working on these days check out MxM News. I created a FREE news app with some friends aggregating all the news that big tech will censor and that you’ll never see otherwise. Check it out for yourselves. It’s free so if you don’t like it just delete it but if you’re here I imagine you’re sick of the big hand of big tech deciding what you will and will not get to read. Enjoy.


MxM looks really nice at first glance, I will be testing it out over the next few days


Tangentially related. was built in 2019 to bypass a corrupt main stream media, free from technocratic censorship, to expose an infiltrated enemy within. It serves as educational tool and a historical record of some of the bigger notables of the day. I was wholly unqualified to attempt this as field artillery veteran and factory worker but I hoped to be a force multiplier by educating readers on how to see, watch, and learn how to fight back themselves. We're all in this together. So far I have been unsuccessful in my attempt to build community here, but we do average a few thousand unique visitors a month, I suspect that will continue for years to come just from back links and archives as people realize what is actually happening. This site is a massive web of information and I have attempted to organize it as best I could on the fly. We currently seem to be in a holding pattern of public discovery and deep state countermoves. An information loop. Although, repeats are necessary to wake up those who remain asleep, rehashing things here for so few daily visitors, can become monotonous and tiresome. Reach has meaning, and as I start to see professional trustworthy alternatives to this site come forward, I will be stepping back to focus on family and better utilization of my time and energy. I never started this site to do it all alone, but as long as I can manage this platform it will remain free, open, and available for anons to log notables or research and discuss past notables. Emails are always welcome for your questions, feedback, encouragement, prayers or friendly conversation.

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