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DJT Jr. : Clinton Lawyer Sussman Found NOT GUILTY - My Reaction"

Anonymous 05/31/22 (Tue) 19:29:30 66ee70 (11) No.16377065

Donald Trump Junior on Sussman trial. "BREAKING: Clinton Lawyer Sussman Found NOT GUILTY - My Reaction"


Anonymous 05/31/22 (Tue) 19:29:29 3d160e (2) No.16377067

Why was Michael Sussman found innocent today? Did Durham Fail… OR, was something much bigger at play?


Anonymous 05/31/22 (Tue) 17:11:20 faeebe (7) No.16376282

>>16376196 >>16376174 TOM FITTON COMMENTS ON THE DURHAM CASE AGAINST SUSSMANN FOR LYING TO THE FBI !!! Note: The F.B.I lie for a living having learned everything from the C.I.A as Mike Pompeo stated in a video clip recently resurfaced, will see if anon can find it !!! =============

Why did DC jury acquit Sussmann? Politics aside, simplest answer is the evidence-which suggested the Obama FBI leadership knew full well the Clinton gang was behind the Alfa Bank-Russia smears of Trump. Durham tried to pretend Obama FBI was a victim. It was a co-conspirator. 5:42 pm · 31 May 2022·Twitter Web App ------------------

The Obama judge's failure to ensure a jury untainted by politics has undermined confidence in the fairness of the outcome in the Sussmann trial. 6:00 pm · 31 May 2022·Twitter Web App ------------------—

Durham. 3 years. 3 prosecutions. One ended in a plea deal with no jail time. Another just ended in an astonishing acquittal. The third is still pending. 6:07 pm · 31 May 2022·Twitter Web App


Anonymous 05/31/22 (Tue) 15:27:23 931f47 (6) No.16375789

250 EXHIBITS RELEASED FROM SUSSMAN TRIAL, here's a few attached, but I'm downloading as much as I can. Trainor working with Sussmann on a press release, unbelievable! Link to docs:


Anonymous 05/31/22 (Tue) 17:14:24 3da7ed (1) No.16376294

Sometimes you get inspiration from the strangest places… https://

Clinton Lawyer NOT GUILTY In Russiagate Trial, Trump SLAMS Corrupt Legal System Protecting Democrats 'I'm no lawfag but this got me thinking. Sussman found not guilty of keeping his DNC affiliations away from the FBI… Sooo this proves that theFBI was complicit with the DNC to investigate the Trump campaigneven when they knew that it was fake and false!!! THIS case was the FBI's only way to claim ignorance in spying on a presidential campaign / presidential office (pre and post election)… Now they are completely implicated With this verdict it means that now FBI agents are all implicated in this "insurance policy"moab incoming I will be interested to see where Durham takes it from here!


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