Digicel dragged into $1.5bn US lawsuit over alleged corruption in Haiti

maybe a connection?




The lawsuit claims that the enactment of the scheme was not lawful under Haitian law, and that its operation also breaches US law. The cash that is supposed to fund free education is instead used to fund politicians’ “personal and private needs”, it is alleged.

Digicel is specifically accused of “horizontal price fixing” and, along with the other defendants, of engaging in “a fraudulent scheme concocted and agreed to” by them all.

“The Haitian government in exchange for payments has allowed Digicel to monopolise both the local market and international calls,” it is also alleged.

All the defendants are also accused of furthering “private interest to increase the government’s purse so that they can convert and embezzle more funds”.

The plaintiffs allege “at least $500 million” of cash was wrongly used in the scheme and are seeking treble this in damages.



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