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COVID Positive Patients Are Told Type of Variant They’re Infected With Cannot Be Legally Disclosed

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SAY WHAT??? COVID Positive Patients Are Told Type of Variant They’re Infected With Cannot Be Legally Disclosed 100 Percent Fed Up – On Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki announced that Joe Biden would address the nation “about his robust plan to stop the spread of the delta variant and boost vaccinations.” Psaki explained that Biden’s hands were tied when it comes to implementing a mass vaccine mandate. On Friday, Biden conveniently blamed the shocking jobs report on the Delta variant: “There’s no question the delta variant is why today’s jobs report isn’t stronger. I know people were looking, and I was hoping for a higher number. But next week, I’ll lay out the next steps that are going to — we’re going to need to combat the delta variant, to address some of those fears and concerns.” He also talked about giving states more federal money to fight the Delta variant. So, how do we know the dangerous Delta variant is actually the CCP virus variant spreading across America if patients aren’t even allowed to know if they have it? Last month, I asked my primary care physician how doctors in her office know when a patient has the Delta variant versus the original version of the man-made CCP virus? She explained that labs were not checking for specific variants and that they have no way of knowing. “So, how do we know if the Delta variant is really responsible for the increase in cases in Michigan if they’re not testing for it?” I asked. She replied, “We’re just guessing that’s what it is because the Delta variant is so contagious.” So we’re just supposed to trust what the media and Dr. Fauci are telling us…right? Business Insider reports – Most people with COVID-19 in the US are legally prevented from knowing which variant infected them. That’s because sequencing tests have to be federally approved for results to be disclosed to doctors or patients, and most are not yet. Lab scientists say the process of validating the tests for approval is too costly and time-consuming. Sam Reider, a musician from San Francisco, got a call from the California Department of Public Health in June. Though fully vaccinated, Reider had recently tested positive for COVID-19 after teaching music at a summer camp. The health department asked him to take a second test at a local Kaiser Permanente. Reider assumed it was because authorities wanted to find out whether he had a Delta infection. He, too, was curious — but when he got the test results back, he was surprised to learn that doctors couldn’t give him any information about his variant. “When I got the follow-up from Kaiser, they said it’s positive, but they didn’t have any of the sequencing information,” Reider told Insider. That “felt odd to me,” he said. Other patients, like Ryan Forrest, a 30-year-old in Midland Park, New Jersey, are simply curious to figure out how they were infected. Forrest tested positive for COVID-19 after attending an indoor wedding in July. He said he didn’t have any personal interactions with the wedding’s “patient zero,” so he’s still wondering how he got sick — especially since he was vaccinated in March. Knowing that the Delta variant infected him could clear up confusion, he said. “It would have been nice to know just for curiosity more than anything else,” he said. Several legal barriers prevented Reider and his doctors — as well as nearly all Americans who have tested positive for the coronavirus — from knowing which variant was to blame. Why??? Why are doctors and patients allowing legal barriers to stand between receiving full or partial COVID test results? Are vaccinated patients being denied information from tests performed on their bodies because “medical experts” don’t want them to know they have the same type of COVID they were vaccinated against? Or is it because it would blow up the propaganda machine’s narrative that every American needs to be vaccinated to prevent becoming infected with the newest variants of the CCP virus?

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