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CIA tried to pay off analysts to bury findings that COVID lab leak was likely: whistleblower

Anonymous 09/12/23 (Tue) 12:21:42 7e36ca (5) No.19536548

The Central Intelligence Agency offered to pay off analysts in order to bury their findings that COVID-19 most likely leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China, new whistleblower testimony to Congress alleges.


BREAKING: C.I.A CONFIRMS COVID LEAKED FROM WUHAN LAB | EXPOSES C.I.A BRIBE! A CIA whistleblower told Congress that the agency offered officials on a team investigating COVID-19 origins "significant monetary incentive" to change their position FROM ‘Covid originated out of a leak from the Wuhan lab’ TO “Unable to determine" the origins. Here’s what they said: “According to the whistleblower, at the end of its review, six of the seven members of the Team believed that intelligence and science were sufficient to make a low confidence assessment that COVID-19 originated from a laboratory in Wuhan, China.” "The seventh member of the Team, who also happened to be the most senior, was the one officer to believe Covid originated through zoonosis." Quote by: Wenstrup (House Coronavirus Subcommittee Chairman) and Turner (House Intelligence Committee Chairman) wrote to CIA Director William Burns. So: 1. Covid leaks from a Chinese lab 2. The US also funded this lab 3. US agencies worked with medical professionals and Chinese counterparties to lie to the WORLD 4. Media globally censors the truth 5. The world calls the truth a ‘conspiracy theory’ And we should be OK with it? Is this the new world we live in??


Anonymous 09/12/23 (Tue) 12:21:42 7e36ca (5) No.19536548

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