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CFC Whistleblower Dr. Gal Luft details allegations against the Biden family

Updated: Jul 8, 2023


Rob Walker - Hunter Biden's bag man

Gary Shapley - took DOJ 21 months to probe the issue and talk to Walker

- Mole within the DOJ who shared classified information with Hunter Biden and his Chinese Partners.

"Why wont the DOJ make my indictment Public? Do it. Make my day."

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‘Missing’ Biden corruption case witness Dr. Gal Luft details allegations against president’s family

Introduction and Background

Dr. Gal Luft, co-director of the Institutes for the Analysis of Global Security, introduces himself and his expertise in energy security. He mentions being a resident of Israel and a former senior advisor to the China Energy company CFC. He explains that he had planned to testify before Congress about his experiences with CFC, but due to certain circumstances, he is sharing his story via video.


Decision to Share Knowledge

In March 2019, Dr. Gal Luft made a decision to share his knowledge about the Biden family's relations with CFC with the US government. He believed it was his civic duty to alert the government before Joe Biden potentially ran for president. He emphasizes that his actions were not politically motivated but driven by concern for the country's well-being.


Forced to Share Story via Video

Dr. Gal Luft explains that he is forced to share his story via video due to certain circumstances, which he will describe. He highlights his ordeal and how it dates back to his decision in March 2019. He expresses his disappointment with the Department of Justice's cover-up, suggesting that a similar scandal to the Russia collusion could occur if the Bidens came to power.


DOJ Delegation Sent to Brussels

Dr. Gal Luft reveals that the Department of Justice (DOJ) sent a delegation of six people, including prosecutors and FBI agents, to Brussels to investigate the information he provided. He mentions the names of the prosecutors and an FBI agent involved. He suggests that the large delegation was sent because they considered him a credible witness with insider knowledge about the Biden family's financial transactions with CFC.


Sharing Classified Information

Dr. Gal Luft reveals that he informed the Department of Justice (DOJ) about individuals within the DOJ who shared classified information with Hunter Biden and his Chinese partners. He mentions his communication with the DOJ and provides details about Hunter Biden's association with a senior retired FBI official who had distinct physical characteristics.


Corroborated Information and Seized Laptop

Dr. Gal Luft shares that the information he provided to the FBI in March 2019 was fully corroborated nine months later when Hunter Biden's laptop, containing emails and receipts, was handed over to the FBI. He highlights that Special Agent Joshua Wilson, who was present during his meeting in Brussels, seized the laptop from the computer repair shop. This suggests that the FBI had prior knowledge of the Biden-CFC deals before obtaining the laptop.


Harassment and Prosecution

Dr. Gal Luft expresses that instead of appreciation for his whistleblowing, he became the target of harassment, intimidation, and finally prosecution. He mentions the impact on his family, friends, and associates. Despite his efforts, he was prosecuted and portrays himself as a victim of unjust treatment.


Meeting with Acting Deputy Attorney General

Dr. Gal Luft describes how on the eve of the 2020 elections, his lawyer met with Acting Deputy Attorney General Richard Donahue to ensure he was informed about the information provided in Brussels. However, it is later revealed that Donahue himself suspended the investigation, citing its proximity to the elections. This raises concerns about a possible cover-up within the DOJ.


Ghostwriting and Unmentioned Associations

Dr. Gal Luft points out that the DOJ did not mention in the indictment that former CIA Director James Woolsey had been an advisor to his Think Tank since 2002. He also clarifies that the article he ghostwrote for the China Daily newspaper did not represent any Chinese interest. He dismisses the notion that he spoon-fed policy proposals to Woolsey and criticizes such claims as insulting to the intelligence community and the American people.


Charitable Organization and Donations

Dr. Gal Luft highlights that the organization CFC, which the US government claims was associated with Chinese intelligence and an international criminal organization, was actually a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization approved by the IRS. He mentions that CFC was also a major donor to the Clinton Foundation and Columbia University, questioning why none of their executives were charged for any wrongdoing.


Questions on Government's Role

Dr. Gal Luft raises questions about the US government's role and decisions regarding CFC. He questions why the government allowed CFC, if it was a foreign entity tied to the PRC, to operate freely as a public charity, exposing taxpayers to risk. He further questions why the government did not warn the public or fulfill its role of protecting its people.


False Statement and Indictment

Dr. Gal Luft addresses the charge of making a false statement in Brussels and questions why he was in Brussels in the first place. He argues that the statement he made was in a voluntary meeting that would have never occurred if not for his good citizenship. He suggests making his indictment public and urges the DOJ to submit the minutes from the Brussels meeting to Congress.


Questions on Sneakiness and Trust

Dr. Gal Luft questions why the US government needed to sneak up on him during a short visit to Cyprus if his crimes were real and serious. He wonders if the US government now trusts the Israeli judicial system to judge the issue on its merits.


Timing of Indictment and Cover-Up

Dr. Gal Luft raises questions about the timing of his indictment, which came six years beyond the statute of limitations and was unsealed during the same week as the midterm elections. He suggests that this timing may be related to concerns that a Republican-controlled Congress would uncover their cover-up.


FARA Case and Double Standards

Dr. Gal Luft questions why he is being indicted for ghostwriting an innocuous article without receiving any payment from a foreign government, while the Biden family's systemic influence peddling on behalf of foreign governments goes unpunished. He highlights the double standards in the justice system.



‘Missing’ Biden corruption case witness Dr. Gal Luft details allegations against president’s family

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