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'There's no more room': Migrants being held for days at Eagle Pass are seen passing out as THOUSANDS cram makeshift pen with no roof because ALL Border Patrol facilities in Texas are full

Overwhelmed agents with the US Border Patrol have run out of space to process the historic number of migrants who have flooded over America's southern border in recent days. That means that new migrant arrivals will have to wait for days in an open field serving as a make-shift holding center in Eagle Pass, Texas . 'They're at capacity; there's no more room,' one Border Patrol source told the Among the adults are children who can be seen in shocking new images fainting and being put in the back of ambulances. The migrants, mostly asylum-seekers from South America who crossed into the US illegally, have already spent days in a grassy reservoir in Eagle Pass. It comes after U.S. apprehensions of migrants at the border hit a new record Monday, with at least 12,600 encounters during a period of just 24 hours. The stunning spike comes as US Customs and Border Protection announced it would suspend rail operations at a pair of international crossings, including at Eagle Pass.

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