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Boris Johnson Resigns as Conservative Party Leader, Will Serve as PM Until Autumn Elections

Anonymous 07/07/22 (Thu) 04:29:00 6fa5eb (2) No.16655148

NEW Boris Johnson will resign as Conservative Party leader today 4:10 AM · Jul 7, 2022·T

Anonymous 07/07/22 (Thu) 04:32:08 6fa5eb (2) No.16655156

>>16655148 >Boris Johnson will resign > as Conservative Party leader today He will serve as PM until a successor is elected in the autumn


Anonymous 07/06/22 (Wed) 19:58:32 6eaecf (4) No.16651871


Anonymous 07/06/22 (Wed) 19:55:52 fb1a4d (14) No.16651849

Just received this from Johnson (one of his last acts as PM?). To be clear, Scotland will have the opportunity to choose independence - I hope in a referendum on 19 October 2023 but, if not, through a general election. Scottish democracy will not be a prisoner of this or any PM.


Anonymous 07/06/22 (Wed) 20:34:26 fb1a4d (14) No.16652166

UK MPs ‘abandoning ship’ after Boris Johnson throws political partner ‘overboard’ Senior CNN Reporter Nic Robertson says UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s MPs are “abandoning ship” after the leader threw senior Cabinet member Michael Gove “overboard”. Mr Gove was sacked hours after telling Mr Johnson it was time to step down. Mr Robertson said the Prime Minister is leading a “very divided party”. “As the minutes tick by, more senior members of the government are putting in their notices,” he told Sky News Australia.


Anonymous 07/06/22 (Wed) 19:45:02 4d54fd (4) No.16651777


Anonymous 07/07/22 (Thu) 04:36:36 92b3d0 (19) No.16655172


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