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Border Patrol sources 76,000+ migrants were encountered in the Yuma sector last week

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Anonymous 12/18/22 (Sun) 12:34:02 fd8eeb (18) No.17976716

El Paso Mayor Declares State of Emergency over Border with Title 42 Set to Expire National Review, by Ari Blaff

Posted By: Dreadnought, 12/18/2022 10:22:56 AM The Democratic mayor of El Paso, Texas, declared a state of emergency Saturday as the Covid-19-era pandemic policy, Title 42, is set to end Wednesday. Title 42 had allowed the administration to enforce border-control measures as a means to prevent the spread of communicable diseases. “We know that the influx on Wednesday will be incredible . . . we felt it was a proper time today to call a state of emergency,” Mayor Oscar Leeser stated during a press conference Saturday. Title 42 was first used by the Trump administration as a means to curtail illegal immigration during the pandemic.


Stephen Miller @StephenM For 2 years the border has been open.

For 2 years Democrats have aided and abetted a cartel invasion. And for 2 years, with the power of the filibuster, Senate GOP has been lifeless and supine. This must end. STOP THE OMNI. Let new GOP House take the oath & halt this madness. Quote Tweet Ali Bradley @AliBradleyTV · 14h AZ: NEW: Border Patrol sources tell me 7,600 migrants were encountered in the Yuma sector last week—That’s up from 6,400 the week prior. Sources say there are nearly 3,000 in Border Patrol custody right now in a facility that holds 1,200. This is with Title42 in place. 9:39 AM · Dec 19, 2022


Stephen Miller @StephenM As an aside: can you imagine how much different the midterms would have turned out had Senate GOP leaders developed and executed a strategy to fight, block, highlight and elevate Democrats’ border cataclysm, forcing the craven corporate press to end its willful coverage blackout? 9:39 AM · Dec 19, 2022

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-Welcome to the Deepend!


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