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Bob Saget Death Starting to Look a lot Like Murder

Very interesting video dropped on boards tonight relating to recent Bob Saget news. Turns out his death is quite a bit more suspect that initially alleged.


Listen closely to what is said.

Anonymous02/17/22 (Thu) 18:20:491 6b580 (20) No.15652799

>>15652786 >Godfather


Anonymous 02/14/22 (Mon) 18:25:41 cfe835 (2) No.15628433

Bob Saget Autopsy: Major Head Trauma with Multiple Skull Fractures


Anonymous 02/16/22 (Wed) 18:19:18 ab11c4 (10) No.15644893

Bob Saget's family files lawsuit to prevent release of records related to death investigation

The family of actor and comedian Bob Saget filed a lawsuit Tuesday to block the release of certain records related to the investigation into his death, citing privacy concerns. Saget, 65, was found dead in his hotel room in Orlando, Florida, last month. The Orange County Medical Examiner's Office determined that his death was accidental, most likely due to him falling backward and striking his head. Keep scrolling for a gallery of photos of Bob Saget through the years On Tuesday, Saget's widow Kelly Rizzo and her three daughters filed a lawsuit against Orange County's sheriff and the medical examiner's office, requesting that some investigation records related to the death be exempt from being revealed publicly because of their graphic nature in how they portray the late actor. moar


Anonymous 02/14/22 (Mon) 18:18:34 ea5deb (8) No.15628390


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