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Be Free

Praying for everyone today...

Many who only glance at the news have no idea of the scale of what is coming. Many do feel the storm approaching but are too afraid to face it or acknowledge it. Then there are millions of us all around the world fighting for their lives, liberties, and freedoms. This movement is World Wide.

Here in the U.S. an illegitimate administration interferes with foriegn affairs, and deploys our soldiers to cover up for his families Ukrainian corruption. Those Men and Women who joined to protect and defend the United States of America against all enemies foriegn and domestic, are sent off to a foriegn war while our own sovereignty is under attack from within.

We the People [WW] are fighting for the very God-given rights many Patriots before us have fought and died for. We do it in our own ways in an effort to defend those inalienable rights from the petty tyrants who would seek to usurp power by any means necessary, and to guard it from foriegn influences that pervert and infiltrate our systems of Government and the minds of our people. If you haven't see it by now, you've got a lot of catching up to do.

Welcome to the Revolution

Together We Will Win


Anonymous 02/06/22 (Sun) 21:30:16 30233a (18) No.15564756

"I can't afford to eat, I can't afford to fix my truck, I can't afford to do anything anymore. We have a kid and it's hard to feed him… This is getting out of hand…" Protest against government mandates continues to grow in Coutts, Alberta. For more 9:25 PM · Feb 6, 2022·Twitter Web App

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