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"B" Update From Jim Watkins



B was likely a Global Volunteer

Q did not log in or post since last August

The IP of "B" poster is the same as a Global Volunteer who also logs in with a name and has been removed.

There were 20 Global Volunteer now there are 11

Pretty sure B is not Q <- not sure who was suggesting that but I don't really follow other anons regularly (trust yourself).

99% sure its "LaughingMan", although innocent until proven guilty.

Laughing Man and Jim did an interview with each other a while back.

Q's trip code is how you know it is Q. They would have to have Qs Password to reproduce the trip code

God Bless you and God bless the United States of America too.

We are all in this together.

Don't let them separate you

Jim is "not a Jew Hater"

Not many people buying 8kun coffee. Send Jim some money if you can. No one else would host Q and Jim did. He even had his host drop 8ch. (forgot name of hosting company) based on fabricated bs. It was a back door to try to silence Q. Jim busted his ass to set up 8kun and get us back online. Had a few good private conversations with Jim a while back, and he offered the encouragement I needed to run with this website. I appreciate you Jim.

Thanks for everything.

Jim also operates



Jim Watkins P.O. Box 404 Davis, CA 95617 USA

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