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Arizona State Rep. Mark Finchem on Katie Hobbs’ Potential Prosecution | [KNOWINGLY]

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Arizona State Rep. Mark Finchem on Katie Hobbs’ Potential Prosecution: “She Knowingly Did This. I Don’t See How This Doesn’t End Up In Some Kind of a Conviction” Soros-funded Arizona Secretary of state Katie Hobbs has knowingly and intentionally violated Arizona election law after several warnings from the Arizona Attorney General. Katie Hobbs stole the 2020 election, and she is going to do it again in 2022. After repeated warnings from Attorney General Mark Brnovich and a failed lawsuit to prevent her own indictment, corrupt Katie Hobbs defied election law and shut down the online candidate petition form but only for certain candidates on March 17th. This shutdown did not affect her failing campaign for Arizona Governor or other statewide races. ARS 16-316 states, the secretary of state shall provide a system for qualified electors to sign a nomination petition … for [candidates for statewide and legislative offices] by way of a secure internet portal. The Gateway Pundit reported yesterday that the Attorney General finally referred a criminal case against Katie Hobbs for her clear-cut election law violations. Brnovich delegated his powers to investigate Hobbs and enforce the law against her to Cochise County Attorney Brian McIntyre.

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