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Anons timeline regarding Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell and other connections:

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

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07/04/2020 11:18

1953: Jeffrey Epstein was born and grew up in Coney Island, attending Lafayette High School in Brooklyn.

1958: Roy Cohn hosted one of his blackmail parties, attended also by Lew Rosenstiel and his wife, at the Plaza Hotel, suite 233, in Manhattan. Rosenstiel had been Bronfman's middleman operating out of a Kentucky distillery before Prohibition. J. Edgar Hoover was said to be in drag at this party, whom Cohn introduced as “Mary”. The honey pots were underage boys, with whom all three engaged in sexual abuse. At other parties held in the same location,was Cohn's close friend, Cardinal Francis Spellman of the Archdiocese of New York, who himself condoned pedophilia in the Catholic church and ordained known pedophiles, among them Cardinal Ted McCarrick. Many priests in NY called Spellman “Mary.” Of course, Hoover had a file one him as well, and it indicated Spellman was a member of the pedophile ring and its protection racket along with Cohn and Hoover. (Note: Trump purchased the Plaza Hotel in 1988, and at that time he was an FBI informant against the mob. THIS is why Roy Cohn was his "friend".) Many of the same people with whom Cohn hung out in the late 80's were the same names found in Epstein's black book. Cohn would also be connected to Bill Clinton, through Dick Morris, Cohn's cousin and close associate, and through his communications director, George Stephanopoulos.

Summer, 1967, Epstein attended Interlochen Center for the Arts, a music camp for kids, 15 miles southwest of Traverse City, Michigan. In later years he would be a donor, and would own a rental lodge on the property, visiting Traverse City withGhislaine Maxwell.As it happens, there was another millionaire in those days, in Michigan, also engaging in the same activities as Epstein. Francis D. Sheldon, as well as having a house in Ann Arbor, owned an island he had purchased in 1960, 19 miles off the coast Leelanau, Peninsula, with miles of dirt tracks. Sheldon, once in the Michigan Air National Guard, had an airstrip in which he could come and go as he liked in privacy on North Fox Island. In 1975, he opened his charity, Brother Paul's Nature Camp, a summer camp on the island for disadvantaged boys with cottages in the midst of thick trees, with promises of "remedial tutoring, counseling, temporary lodging, boarding retreats, and emergency care for runaways" as well as hiking, swimming, and nature lessons among other children. Sheldon operated a child pornography ring on the island, and "sponsors" would receive such for their donations, among whom were wealthy or influential people visiting the island. Sounds like a blackmail/extortion operation. Police investigated in the 1970s after a number of kidnapping and child killings in Oakland County in 1976 and 77 northwest of Detroit, but Sheldon disappeared. Another high powered partner in crime, caught and suspected of least 3 of 4 murders of kidnapped children, suspiciously died in 1978. Authorities ruled it a suicide. The survivors spoke of entrapment and child pornography. Although Epstein wasn't in Michigan after the camp opened, he was in Michigan when he was about 14 years old, after Sheldon had owned the island for some time, well on his way to running child pornography in the Detroit area in the '60s. Sheldon had come from old Michigan blood, a descendant of lumber baron, Russell Alger, who was the 20th governor of Michigan and secretary of war in the McKinley Administration. Sheldon was a Yale graduate, had a master's in geology from Wayne State, and was the heir of a large trust fund.

1969 - 1971: Epstein attended a few physics classes at Cooper Union, but received no degree. This was because he was still in high school or high school age (a source said he graduated when he was 16) and may have been attending these upper classes as part of Barr's program started years earlier at Columbia University.

See my dig on Barr's program here: >>9836136, >>9836145, >>9836163, >>9836190, >>9836205, >>9836226

Epstein, as evidence shows, was highly intelligent and deeply interested in mathematics and in science, exactly what was being taught by the Columbia program. Epstein went to Lafeyette High School in Brooklyn, NY. Columbia is in Manhattan. A tenth grader is usually around 15-16 years old. Epstein was born in 1953, so he would have been 15 or 16 in 1968 or 1969. From 1969 through 1971, Epstein attended a few physics classes at Cooper Union, but received no degree. That's because in 1969, he was only 16; 17, in 1970; and 18, in 1971. Like Columbia, Cooper Union, a private college, is located in Manhattan.

1970's: Studio 54, a New York nightclub, was the rage for its wild parties. Roy Cohn was the lawyer of the owners, Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager. Cohn also became closely associated with Barbara Walters whom he connected with the U.S. Information Agency, Chad Wick, and others in the Reagan White House. His other Media friends were Abe Rosenthal, executive editor of the New York Times; William Safire, New York Times columnist, and New York Magazine contributor; and George Sokolsky of The New York Herald Tribune, NBC and ABC, the latter also a close friend of Hoover. Another client and friend of Cohn was Rupert Murdoch (also a friend of Jeffrey Epstein). Another close Media friend was Si Newhouse Jr., an old school friend, heading Vanity Fair, Vogue, GQ, The New Yorker. His other school pals were Generoso Pope Jr., owner of the National Enquirer, and Richard Berlin, of the Hearst Corporation. Cohn was also a close friend of Mort Zuckerman (also a friend of Jeffrey Epstein). Another acquaintance was William Buckley of The National Review and Firing Line. Cohn carefully nourished his relationship with the Media to use them as part of his manipulation and influence.

Early 1970's: Ronald Lauder, heir to the Estee Lauder fortune, who would be Reagan's U.S. Ambassador to Austria, and who would give Epstein his falsified passport, claimed to have met Trump at this time frame, when Trump was attending the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, where Lauder also had attended. Estee Lauder's real name was Josephine Mentzer, and she and Roy Cohn were closely acquainted, according to her.

1971: Epstein attended Courant Institute of NYU, taking courses in mathematical physiology of the heart, again, with no degree, because he was still in high school. Courant is in Greenwhich Village in Lower Manhattan.

1972: Bill and Hillary Clinton joined George McGovern's presidential campaign, traveling to Texas with the campaign. George McGovern would be named by one of Epstein's accusers as one of the men to whom Epstein had provided underage female with which to have sex.

December, 1972: Laurance Rockefeller funded the think tank and retreat of William Irwin Thompson, for the "study and realization of a new planetary culture". It was out of his mixed belief in yoga, Tibetan Buddhism, Chinese traditional medicine, Hermeticism, Celtic animism, Gnosticism, cabala, geomancy, ley lines, Pythagoreanism, and ancient Mystery Cults (fertility cults, which would have involved sexual rituals). Sacred geometry was stressed as "a vision of divine intelligence, the logos, revealing itself in all forms, from the logarithmic spiral of a seashell to the hexagonal patterns of cooling basalt, from the architecture of the molecule to the galaxy." (Sounds eerily like the basis of Epstein's Island.) There were lectures on how to apply sacred geometry, Platonism, and Pythagoreanism to architecture. It disbanded in 2012. (A similar project was in part funded by the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation in Arkansas, the "Meadowcreek Project" started in 1979 by David and Wilson Orr, and was also funded by the Ozarks Regional Commission and the Arkansas Energy Department.) Laurence was also into Buddism (through his mother) and Asian culture. He was also interested in conservation and funded many environmental groups, and started the conservation trend. To that end, he funded the expansion of national parks, such as the Grand Teton, in Wyoming, California, the Virgin Islands, Vermont, Maine and Hawaii, and funded parks in NY.

After the summer of 1974: Epstein having been hired to teach calculus and physics at the Dalton School, started the new school year. He was 21 years old when he began teaching (hired when he was 20) and had not received any degree in mathematics or physics or any degree of any kind.

1975 - late 1970's: CIA counsel Donald Gregg worked with CIA counsel William Barr for the defense in the House Pike Committee and Church Committee investigating the CIA's illegal subverting of foreign governments, including assassinations. Barr would later become George H.W. Bush’s Attorney General (as well as Trump's), plus he had been in the CIA when his father, Donald Barr, worked at Dalton in the 1973/74 school year just before he had resigned as headmaster, and Epstein was hired to join next year's school session of 74/75. Epstein himself had at one time claimed he had worked for the CIA, though in a 2001 interview with the Columbus Free Press he was denying it, ironic given Columbus being home to a Spook Airport and a home stomping grounds of the Bush's.

From 1976 - 1981: Epstein worked at Bear Stearns, beginning as a low-level junior assistant, quickly became a floor trader at AMEX, and almost immediately an options trader in the special products division, advising Stearn's wealthiest, among whom was the Seagram president, Edgar Bronfman. According to CEO Jimmy Cayne: “He was not your conventional broker saying ‘Buy IBM’ or ‘Sell Xerox. Given his mathematical background, we put him in our special-products division, where he would advise our wealthier clients on the tax implications of their portfolios. He would recommend certain tax-advantageous transactions. He is a very smart guy and has become a very important client for the firm as well.”

He had been hired by Alan Greenberg, whose son and daughter had been taught by Epstein. Greenburg was a friend of Roy Cohn. In 1980, Epstein was made a partner in Bear Stearns.

1976: The woman who would one day be a de Rothschild, Lynn Forester, and who would introduce Alan Dershowitz to Epstein in 1996, joined Daniel Patrick Moynihan's campaign in NY. She would meet her second husband whom she would marry in 2000, Evelyn de Rothschild, at a Bilderberg conference, introduced to him by Henry Kissinger. Her first husband was Andrew Stein whom she would divorce in 1993, after enlisting Epstein's financial assistance. She would become a member of board of Estee Lauder companies, founded by Ronald Lauder who would one day provide Epstein his falsified Austrian passport when Lauder was U.S. ambassador to Austria. She would also become a partner of Matthew Bronfman in the investment firm, Bronfman E.L. Rothschild LP. She would become a major donor to both Clintons beginning in 1992, and so closely tied to the Clintons that she spent a night of her honeymoon in the Lincoln Bedroom of the White House when Clinton was president. She also was an advisor to the Deutsche Bank Microfinance Consortium and a board member of the Alfred Herrhausen Society of International Dialogue of Deutsche Bank.

1980's: Former ABC News correspondent, Craig Spence, became a Washington lobbyist. During his years as a lobbyist, he prostituted underage children to the Swamp's who's who, including foreign diplomats, doing so in wired locations as a blackmail operation, that is, until 1989 when he was outed. He had held lavish parties to fete the hoity, toity he was setting up. Reagan and Bush administrations' officials, Media, and military officials, businessmen, lawyers, bankers, congressional aides, and others would attend these parties. The parties were bugged, and Spence provided guests cocaine, sending limos to transport guests to the parties, where young males would be made available. Even his own home was wired and had a two-way mirror. Also, Roy Cohn (who ran his own pedo blackmail ring and for whom Spence once threw a birthday party, among other times, at his home), former CIA director William Casey (who attended that BD party) and journalist William Safire were among the guests. When he wasn't hosting parties, he actually smuggled young males into the White House itself late at night when George H.W. Bush was president. He was enabled access by Bush’s National Security Advisor, Donald Gregg, former counsel of the CIA. Among his friends were Nixon, John Mitchell, Eric Sevareid of CBS, Sen. John Glenn, actor-turned journalist Peter Ustinov who wrote for The European, the paper of Ghislaine Maxwell's father, Robert Maxwell. Spence himself admitted he was connected to intelligence, and the CIA, and would express fear of being "suicided". Indeed, after he was outed, his fear came to fruition, his body found in the Boston Ritz Carlton. Verdictsuicide. Spence had done CIA cocaine smuggling out of El Salvador with U.S. military personnel right at the time weapons were being exchanged for captives in Iran Contra. Spence's outing also resulted in uncovering yet another pedo blackmailing ringthat of Lawrence King's in Omaha, Nebraska, which also was connected to drug/weapon smuggling. Spence and King's rings were branches of a larger operation, named Bodies of God, and they had common connections, including and especially George H.W. Bush, the CIA, and Roy Cohn. Like Spence, Larry King was also a Republican lobbyist.

In the meantime, Clinton was governor of Arkansas. The Clintons' friend, Arkansas financier, Jackson Stephens, worked with the BCCI, a bank operated by the CIA. He was also heavily involved with establishing Walmart, on whose board Hillary Clinton sat, and he funded Bill Clinton's political career. His Worthen Bank gave Clinton’s campaign run for president $3.5 million in credit, and he had other businesses represented by the Rose Law Firm, with whom Hillary Clinton was a partner. One of those businesses his data-processing company, Systematics Inc., a front for the NSA during the 80's and 90's selling software with secret backdoor access it sold to major banks. It was the same software Israeli intelligence had stolen from the U.S., with Robert Maxwell's help, to add their backdoor. U.S. intel applied their own backdoor, contracting Systematics, but they themselves had stolen it in the first place from a company called Inslaw Inc., founded by Bill Hamilton, who had leased it to DOJ. Justice had broken their lease contract causing his company to fall into bankruptcy and they kept the use of the software. Two Rose Law Firm partners, Vince Foster and Webster Hubbell, were invested in Systematics when it was purchased by Alltel in the early 1990s. One person on the Clinton hit list was a journalist investigating the laundering of money by the use of this software by the name of Danny Casolaro. He had called this crime cartel, including the World Bank and Adnan Khashoggi, the "Octopus". Just when he was wrapping up his investigation, he "committed suicide" in 1991. The FBI told its agents not to question the ruling of suicide and oops, it lost most of the files into the investigation of his death. Around the same time, one of his sources, Alan Standorf, also turned up dead, and 1991 was the very same year Robert Maxwell had "committed suicide", the very man who had sold the doctored Israeli software while working for Mossad. Then there was Sen. John Tower, the guy who had helped Maxwell to sell it to the Los Alamos laboratories who died in a plane crash a few months later.

1980: Roy Cohn worked closely with the Communications director of Reagan’s 1980 campaign, William Casey, who would later be the CIA Director. Cohn was also Nancy Reagan's lawyer, with whom she often spoke on the phone. After Cohn died of

AIDS, she pushed her husband to fund AIDS research. Ronald Reagan’s mentor, Lew Wasserman, a Hollywood bigwig head of MCA, was associated with the mob. He was the reason for Reagan's success in acting, and financed his run for governor in 1966. While president, Reagan had stopped the DOJ's investigation of MCA's involvement with the Gambino mob, of which Wasserman was the president.

The deputy Communication director of Reagan's 1980 campaign was Robert Keith Gray, once a close aide of Dwight D. Eisenhower and Richard Nixon. He would later have as clients Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi and hedge fund manager Marc Rich. Gray was a CIA asset running a homosexual blackmail operations with Roy Cohn.

Starting in 1963, he was also an associate of CIA agent and Naval Intelligence officer Edwin Wilson, selling and smuggling arms to Libya, an illegal rogue intelligence operation. Wilson also ran a CIA sexual blackmail operation during the Watergate days. Wilson's partner, Frank Terpil would say: "Historically, one of Wilson’s Agency jobs was to subvert members of both houses [of Congress] by any means necessary…. Certain people could be easily coerced by living out their sexual fantasy in the flesh…. A remembrance of these occasions [was] permanently recorded via selected cameras…. The technicians in charge of filming … [were] TSD [Technical Services Division of the CIA]. The unwitting porno stars advanced in their political careers, some of [whom] may still be in office.”

Wilson operated out of the George Town Club, owned by Korean intelligence agent Tongsun Park, for whom he had set up the club for the Korean Central Intelligence Agency. Gray was the club's president.

July, 1980: Epstein was featured as Cosmo's "bachelor of the year".

1981: Epstein left Bear Stearns, likely due to an insider trading investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) involving Edgar Bronfman's Seagrams corporation. Bronfman had advised investors and bankers of their impending offer to another company. Epstein left Bear Stearns one day after the SEC began the investigation. After leaving Bear Stearns, he told a few friends at that time he had become a “bounty hunter,” working for the government or wealthy individuals recovering lost or stolen money, and that he was licensed to carry a firearm. The reality was a bit different, because this was exactly when the Iran Contra operation was taking place, and, it was at this very time Epstein claimed he was working for the CIA, something he later denied. One of his clients was Adnan Khashoggi, an Iran Contra weapons dealer, a Saudi, and uncle of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, who was himself assassinated in later years. Adnan had procuted a $5 million loan for Israel and Iran to do their parts in the Iran Contra arms deals. Epstein was finding money, alright, and he was doing it working for a bank that was a CIA front for funneling money, BCCI. Khashoggi, "acted as the middleman for five Iranian arms dealers for the United States, financing a number of them through BCCI” and “served as the ‘banker’ for arms shipments as the undercover scheme developed.” He also worked for "the U.S. government in connection with the Iran-Contra affair in operations that involved the direct participation of CIA personnel banked at BCCI’s offices in Monte Carlo and, for both, BCCI’s services were essential as a means of providing short-term credit for sales from the U.S. through Israel to Iran.”

'''In fact, even Bear Stearns had been working with BCCI at that time as a broker."'

1985: Wexner and Epstein may have first met at this time, even though it is claimed Wexner didn't become his client until 1987. However, in a 2001 interview with the Columbus Free Press, they report he began working for Wexner in 1985. Wexner in this very year in Columbus, Ohio, where he lived, became embroiled in the murder of lawyer Arthur Shapiro, described as a “mob style murder.” The police chief covered for him by destroying documents (at least he attempted it as an insider got copies of them which were revealed in 1998) of the investigation, and as a result, the murder is unsolved to this day. Shapiro worked for the law firm managing Wexner's The Limited, and had uncovered shady information also involving the trucking company The Limited used, and the day before he was going to turn state's evidence, he was offed. Francis Walsh, the truck company owner, was connected to the Genovese crime Capo Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno, whose lawyer was none other than Roy Cohn. The uncovered report stated Walsh was “still considered associates of the Genovese/LaRocca crime family, and Walsh was still providing truck transportation for The Limited.” The Genovese family was co-founded by Lucky Luciano with none other than Meyer Lansky, who took over as Capo of the family after Luciano was deported.

1986: Robert Maxwell, and two of his children, Kevin and Christine, had invested an 80% stake in a company in San Leandro, Ca., Sphere Inc., which also sold computer games. Kevin and Christine were on the board of directors. Gilman Louie, chief executive officer, would later become the head of the CIA capital venture fund, In-Q-Tell, overseeing investing in projects such as Facebook, Twitter, Google.

1987: Epstein was given an Austrian passport under a different name listing his residence as being in Saudi Arabia. The passport would be among effects found in his Manhattan townhouse safe in 2019, expired then, having stamps indicating its use to enter France, Spain, the UK, and Saudi Arabia. Ronald Lauder, who in 1986, was Reagan's U.S. Ambassador to Austria until 1987, provided Epstein the passport with Epstein’s picture under a false name. Lauder is the Estee Lauder heir and head of the World Jewish Congress. This is an interesting tie, as Epstein, a possible CIA operative, may have doubled for Massad, and had purportedly not met Ghislaine Maxwell yet, but he know Les Wexner by this time. The purported reason for the false name on the passport was due to advice against using a Jewish name on ID's when traveling abroad because of hijackings, however, this explanation doesn't answer why he had gotten an Austrian passport since he wasn't an Austrian resident, and he listed himself as a resident of Saudi Arabia who spoke German.

It was also in 1987, that Les Wexner became Epstein's "client". Wexner was the founder and chairman Limited out of the Columbus, Ohio, at the time worth more than $2.5 billion. Wexner's clothing industry involved shipping to and from Hong Kong on Southern Air Transport, an airline run by the CIA. It disbanded in 1998, but in the 1980's it was involved in Iran/Contra. It had been exposed in 1986 when one of their planes were shot down in Nicaragua. As well as conducting cocaine running in Columbia (and other drugs in other parts of the world), they flew weapons for Iran through Israel for hostage exchanges, and on return flights weapons for Nicaragua from Portugal. After the CIA operation was busted in Arkansas, they accommodated Wexner in Columbus, Ohio, to receive the shipments from Hong Kong. To that end, the Rickenbacker Air Base was converted to Rickenbacker Airport in the 90's, a cargo airport. However, Wexner was shipping from Hong Kong even before 1986: … onary.html

Before the airport changeover, the CIA was flying his shipments into the airbase. Southern Air Transport was taken over by Evergreen Aviation also used by the CIA, and the only terminal able to serve that aircraft was run by Landmark Aviation, running fixed base operations (FBOs), private air terminals with fueling and maintenance for charter, business and private aircraft. Landmark Aviation was contracted by the CIA for its rendition program, abducting subjects of interrogation to avoid laws in their own nations, flown to FBO's in other countries, and held for months on those facilities. Unlike most plain Jane (for a reason) FBO's, Landmark's in Columbus was richly outfitted with showers, conference rooms, concierge and its own Customs Inspection. After all, the "clients" are powerful people and dignitaries, don't you know. Except these weren't roughly interrogated. Instead, they were set up with the "Lolita Express" and forced thereby into submission. Landmark Aviation had taken Columbus Customs operations from Lane Aviation after partnering with it. Lane Aviation is in Epstein's phone book. After the CIA secret interrogation centers were exposed by Europe, Landmark was sold and split to put the FBO operations into trusteeship, one of which was former CIA director James Slesinger, after which it was sold to the Bush family ally, Carlyle Group. These self contained customs centers eased Epstein's Lolita Express, helping him to avoid customs in conventional airports. For the comfort of their powerful and influential clients, the FBO at Columbus offered not only a concierge, but valet parking for the armored Mercedes provided by Epstein, having their own command center communications. One could assume these included surveillance equipment used for the CIA surveillance.

Also in 1987: Trump met Jeffrey Epstein. Trump also attended some of the same social functions Epstein attended in the late 1990s and early 2000s. He said in 2002 he liked Epstein and described him positively, mentioning Epstein's attraction to young women. (That was a clue.) Trump had contacted Epstein twice by phone in 2004 (perhaps about banning him from his club???). Epstein had attended Mar-a-Lago often until Trump banned him for his inappropriate behavior toward an underage female employee who was a daughter of another member, and no longer had dealings with Epstein from that point.

1988: Robert Maxwell and Charles Bronfman became major shareholders in the Israeli pharmaceutical company, Teva.

1989: Robert Maxwell and Charles Bronfman became partner owners of The Jerusalem Post, which described them as “two of the world’s leading Jewish financiers” seeking to develop "The Jerusalem Post and expanding its influence among world Jewry.”

Also this year, Wexner purchased a Manhattan 45,000-square-foot, eight-story mansion on East 71st Street for $13 million, and spent additional millions renovating it–and never lived in it, staying a total of 2 months later after Epstein already owned it. Wexner's remodeling of the Manhattan townhouse included a strange room, “a bathroom reminiscent of James Bond movies: hidden beneath a stairway, lined with lead to provide shelter from attack and supplied with closed-circuit television screens and a telephone, both concealed in a cabinet beneath the sink.” The lead lining would be to make the surveillance equipment undetectable.

It was clearly being prepared for Epstein from the start. Epstein would use his command central at Manhattan to lure young women with modeling opportunities, his ties to Wexner making the operation seem legitimate. He ran the sex ring like a pyramid scheme, some victims eventually paid to recruit yet more girls. Ghislaine Maxwell would train the girls and run the operations. Epstein's brother owns an apartment building which housed models or aspiring models arriving in NY from all over the world.

According to one of J. Epstein's accusers, Virginia Roberts, “He would tell the girls, ‘Hey, I will give you a modeling contract if you go have sex with this man.” To accommodate foreign powerful people, Epstein was provided with other properties, including offshore, a fleet of aviation equipment, and cars. Epstein was given an old refitted 727, with secret communication ability, that came to be called "The Lolita Express". The passenger manifest of one of the pilots is included in this timeline, Clinton using the plane in the early 2000's, among others. Another pilot of Epstein did not keep a log. Hmmm, who was he? A spook? When Epstein was indicted in Florida, Acosta was sent to save the day, to cover ("call me, I don't want things in writing" memo) the CIA operation and their developed list of politicians, scientists, academicians, and celebrities world wide to blackmail/extort when the need arose (though it's not likely Acosta knew the scope of it). His ordered intervention ended the federal case and arranged a lenient punishment in Florida. Wexner claims to have cut off all ties to Epstein after this indictment, but in 2008 Epstein gave Wexner's YLK Foundation over $46 million.

Also in 1989: Ritter the Catholic priest under Cardinal Spellman was outed for his pedo crimes at Covenant House by New York Post's, Charles Sennott, who wrote: “the secular powers more than the archdiocese or the Franciscans protected him.” Governor of New York Mario Cuomo, and his new superior, Cardinal John O’Connor, as well as others, shouted it all down, because Covenant House and Ritter were closely associated with Robert Macauley, George H.W. Bush's roommate at Yale and family friend, who had raised funds for Covenant House and was on its board since 1985, having brought on rich and influential people, among them retired government officials and investment bankers. Furthermore, Macauley's AmeriCares Foundation, the primary source of funding for Covenant House, was one of the main sources of funding of Covenant House, as William E. Simon, former U.S. secretary of the treasury under the Nixon and Ford, a board member of AmeriCares, headed the Nicaraguan Freedom Fund, that aided the Contras. U.S. Intelligence was fully aware and aiding that program. Bush himself was involved in aiding the Contras and his brother, Prescott, was also on the board of AmeriCares. After Bush died in 2018, AmeriCares said he had been “instrumental in founding the health-focused relief and development organization.” Ritter had served as Vice President of AmeriCares until he was outed. Other board members were IBM, Chase Manhattan Bank and Bear Stearns executives at a time when it became international, operating in Canada, Mexico and the rest of Central America, with Guatemala its first, operated by Roberto Alejos Arzu, a CIA operative training troops for the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Alejos Arzu was also associated with Nicaragua's dictator, Anastasio Somoza, whom U.S. intelligence was backing. Arzu was a Knight of Malta. Arzu with his location of a Covenant House used it to acquire victims for a pedophile ring in the U.S. Covenant House wasn't the only one in Guatemala. There was another "charity" operation George and Barbara Bush had visited in 1994 that was engaged in similar crimes.

May, 1989: Robert Maxwell hosted a party on his yacht named after his youngest daughter, the Lady Ghislaine. Among the guests were Donald Trump; Mike Wallace; William Safire; Barbara Walters; Steve Ross, the CEO of soon to be Time Warner; former Secretary of the Navy and one time Henry Kissinger staffer, Jon Lehman; Thomas Pickering, another former Kissinger staffer who at the time was U.S. ambassador to Israel; his co-conspirator Senator John Tower (R-TX) (who died in a suspicious plane crash months before Maxwell's own "suicide" off this very yacht); and last, but not least, his daughter Ghislaine.We should keep in mind, Trump was an FBI informant.

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