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Anons on who is funding Antifa?

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WASHINGTON, DC: George Soros has given Black Lives Matter and the Antifa related revolutionary movement more than $100 million dollars. The Soros run Open Society Foundations is on record with giving Black Lives Matter $33 million dollars this year alone. This is in concert with an array of funding for a variety of Democrat and DNC related left-wing groups across the country.

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>>10649325 FUNDING ANTIFA Clark Ervin As a member of the Government Investigations & White Collar Practice, Clark K. Ervin helps clients under investigation, or facing the prospect of investigation, by federal Offices of Inspector General, to craft, coordinate and implement strategic defenses. An integral member of the firm’s Homeland Security, Defense and Technology Transfer team, as well as our International Public Policy Practice, Clark also provides invaluable counsel to clients, both corporations and foreign sovereigns, on issues of national security and foreign policy.

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>>10649353 FUNDING ANTIFA Sara Frankfurt Gail With law firm experience at both a large international firm and small litigation boutique, Sara understands the demands placed on today’s attorneys. Sara uses this in depth understanding to help her candidates find the positions they truly want. A lateral candidate herself, Sara knows that the decision to change jobs is a big one and can be difficult. Her goal is to help each candidate thru the lateral process seamlessly and with limited stress. Sara has secured interviews and job offers for candidates at firms throughout Texas. Her success stems from her genuine desire to help attorneys find the right "fit." To do this, Sara spends time getting to know the firms she works with, meeting the hiring partners, the recruiters, and speaking with their attorneys to dig into a firm's culture. Sara spends just as much time getting to know her candidates in order to help make the right match. Sara also enjoys regularly speaks at law schools and law firms throughout Texas on the legal market, law firm recruiting, successful associate strategies, and partnership. A native Texan, Sara grew up in Dallas. She holds a B.A. with Honors in English from the University of Texas at Austin and a J.D., cum laude, from the Dedman School of Law at Southern Methodist University. During law school, Sara clerked for Federal District Judge Joe Fish in the Northern District of Texas. Sara has worked at several law firms in the Dallas area, including Haynes and Boone, LLP, Sayles Werbner, P.C. and Cooper & Scully, P.C. Prior to law school, Sara worked at the White House and the Office of Management and Budget in Washington, D.C. Before co-founding Lone Star Legal Search, Sara worked for a leading international recruiting firm as a Director in their Texas office.

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Important to remember [GS] funded [D] District Attorney campaigns across the nation. Specifically in the Anarchist safe havens we are seeing now. "Billionaire Soros Funds Local Prosecutor Races"

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