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Oregon Election Official Reviews Georgia Filing

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Anons, hold the line! I think we will see more light soon…

In 2020, the MSM, elites, and dictators worldwide have been crazy on COVID fear porn and this psyop have affected normies. Thankfully I woke up to this nonsense and the lies spewed by the media earlier this year; I was asleep previously. What I think a lot of the fear is due to is because there is "no treatment". There are normies out there who believe the "vaccine" is the thing - literally. Most people do not believe in natural or holistic healing. Oregano oil is anti-parasitic, anti-fungal, and anti-viral. It kills COVID infections. Colloidal silver is another option; it kills illnesses. We know Vitamin C and Vitamin D helps your immune system. There's also niacin which helps flush out the system. An anon posted about this several days ago. And then there's HCQ and a bunch of other therapies. I think we need to start spreading information to our friends and fam about these natural cures. Ask them to think about why a publicly traded business has their interests in. They will most likely say that it has their interests in the shareholders (i.e. the stock market). Now ask them if you were a company who developed cures for everything (not Band-aids, but cures), including cancer, would they be in existence after 100 years? Big pharma only exists when illness exists. Patentable drugs = $$$$$$ Natural medicine = $ I think normies need a rude awakening and slap in the face just like how we woke ourselves up - it wasn't pleasant seeing that we've been deceived. I now live happily and want others too - and I'm sure you want others happy too! Normies have to start reassessing their life and the false lives and lies they've lived in - including the climate change hoax some of us probably fell in. Complacency is an illness - might be from the fluoride. We have the power to change our reality. Everything in this reality is energy and vibrations. Thank you Nikola Tesla. Awakening is a lifetime process - maybe of multiple lifetimes. But once the process is stared, it's really hard for once to unlearn all the truths. I am predicting mass awakenings of normies when the election evidence is brought in front of these people's eyes. There's going to be some TDS folks but when Dems hear from other Dems about their discoveries on Biden cheating in their "language", you bet people are going to wake up. The Dems use TikTok, Insta, all that social media stuff. Understanding that our reality is not just 3D but N-dimensions means that there are different levels of awakened beings. There are already Dems on social media who are announcing themselves as Dems and indicate they are noticing voting fraud. I do believe that there are some innocent Dems who never could believe this scandal but there is power in words from one's affiliations. Lefties like their labels and affiliations (e.g. Transgender, Blacks, Latinos, Liberal, etc.). How did BLM get viral? When Black individuals were used to talk to Black individuals. Influencers were also used. When one person of their community speaks out about their shocking discoveries on the election rigging, there's going to be other lefties who will wake up. Domino effect waiting to happen. It's literally going to be a multiplication effect - kind of like the MLM schemes you see kek. People speaking to others to spread what's right. Dems indicate they want justice but when they see the evidence that is so damning that their own visionaries they admired and looked up to did this, I think their anger won't be on the Republicans but the Dems. We Patriots know that it's not the left vs. right but it's truth vs. lies. I think cleaning out the Republican house will be the next step of the process which is already underway. But for normies who wake up soon, one of their first of many truths will be that the Dems were lying to them the whole time, including the MSM. Along their journey, they will learn about that both parties were infiltrated and more. There's already Democrats on Twitter who are announcing themselves as Democrats and noticing the voting fraud, like this candid individual wrote: Patriots, thank you for digging, memeing, praying, and doing all that you do! This is a spiritual war and we will win! Love you all!


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>Anons, hold the line! I think we will see more light soon… His full thread…


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>>11824547 (lb) I don't think the kicker will be individual state's election fraud. I think the real case is the conspiracy to overthrow an election by domestic and foreign actors. That will be a military operation and involve tribunals. Civilian courts are a diversion, and/or drawing out more conspirators. A byproduct being the revelation that the civilian court system is FUBAR. The outcome will be such that the populace will be shown that a conspiracy to take down the government took place and the civilian justice system would have allowed that to happen. The same outcome will befall the MSM and big tech. >>11825265 This is why Trump said Biden has to prove he got 80,000,000 votes. Biden can't because the there is no machine audit log. If Trump presents a vote tally, say from evidence gathered from confiscated servers, Biden can't counter.


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>>11825265 >Anons, hold the line! I think we will see more light soon… @visionfarm "Without a doubt Trump won in a landslide. And I say that also as one (yet more relevant work experience!) who has worked on, led, or advised more than a dozen statewide political campaigns in Oregon."

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>>11825431 Trump will be able to prove / authenticate more votes than will Biden. Any case if the dispute is deadlocked it goes first to State Legislature then to House (each state with one vote) Mainsteam is trying to frame this as a "Trump overturns popular vote (people with covid who votes came in late) Just as the Hillary ploy of "Overturn the electoral colleges. Let's go with the popular vote) Trump and his team were so prepared. The Haters had no clue. Sometimes events over take people It's claimed too little time to prove fraud. Reality: the cheaters will fail. They were caught unawares.

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