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Anons Discuss Lin Wood Tweet Storm


I've held my tongue on Lin for a while now. He scared me at first, I thought maybe he was attempting to make us all look insane. Was this an attempt to distract from the election fraud and COVID revelations. I have heard everything hes saying in the past three years and have tons of related information archived. As a high profile lawyer who handled the Richard Jewell defamation case, you would think that he wouldn't be making these claims without evidence. There just isn't enough push back from our side, and the panicked responses from [them] tell me they're scared to death of the man.

My Concerns about Lin- First Lin is allowed to operate on twitter without push back. Theories that I've heard - Whitehats now control twitter... They are now scared because of section 230... Or Lin is a distraction from other more time sensitive things.

Lin is still pushing the VP is a traitor narrative that I'm just not convinced of yet. VP Pence is a grey hat for me. This could be seen as reminding Pence to do the right thing Nov 6th. The rumors of working with Paul Ryan have been around for years, and FISA goes both ways it would not have been ongoing. Ryan did not seek reelection, and also made a recent rare statement denouncing Republican efforts to challenge electoral votes still a corrupted sold out Rino . Pence is an unconfirmed chess piece. Well see what happens tomorrow.

Lin may just be the conduit God is using to help close the overton window. WW3 is spiritual whether you see it yet or not. Good vs Evil. I see Gods Army every time I start wading through this information war, trying to connect the dots. Pray for Lin. Pray for peace. Be the Calm in the Storm. Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming. We are here for a reason.


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JUST IN: Biden Inaugural Parade Cancelled

Joe Biden inauguration luncheon canceled over COVID-19 concerns: report They like to use Covid-19 as an excuse for just about everything, don't they?


Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump · 6h BIG NEWS IN PENNSYLVANIA!


Lin Wood is a piece on a chess board. His job is to put pressure on Chief Justice John Roberts and cause a stir. Misdirection. His callouts do nothing else until he provides proof. Sydney Powell similarly has her part to play in putting pressure in key points. There is a method to this madness but it doesn't come without a price. It is causing massive credibility damage for Trump's camp in the eyes of Democrats we are trying to help see the truth. A truth so heinous and ugly to face. This gives Democrats the excuse to dismiss the truth they struggle to hide from with all their might anyway. And they will use it! The CIA did a…


Without releasing the evidence this actually hurts everyone close to Lin Wood. Especially Trump. Lin Wood and Syndey Powell both give off a "mentally unstable" vibe when they make outlandish claims to the general public. Sure we that have been exposed and have done research have seen the evidence. That takes a big investment of time. For anyone coming in late to this game, most of those links are gone now. You can't just google this shit anymore. Most of the hosting platforms like youtube block it. Many of the platforms that did host this stuff are gone or under severe attack by the deep state even if you do figure out how to get past the bots blocking all…

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