Ive been at this since Jan 2018, archiving what I could to discern for myself. It is important to understand each file archived may have been independent of other like files in the same directory. The important thing to distilling the information within my archives is a whole system approach. I have found things over time that have changed my position on certain theories. I personally do not aim to tell you what to believe with this archive, I use it for producing this websites articles. I make it available to the public to provide a platform for others to build upon and learn from. I have saved many obvious  propaganda files over the years. By accessing my archives you agree that you are 18 years of age or older and that you will read, understand and agree to the Read Me files in the Parent Directory.

I request an email address for a contact list to keep you updated of changes to the site and major updates to any changes with the op. To receive decryption key please fill out the subscription form in the footer on any page. If you need an anonymous email address please set one up. is the service I personally use.

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