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An Exercise in Logic re: Vaccines and Mandates

A brief note on why I choose not to insert myself in the vaccine argument other than to say fuck the mandates. I don't care who is pushing vaccines or why. For me and my family we do not want it, but I am understanding the catch 22 of shouting vaccines are killing people and how that plays into [their] hand, and I'll attempt to explain why I feel the way that I do and why I don't discourage anyone from getting the vaccines if they want to or even chastise those who have. My issue lies solely with those who feel the need to destroy my life because I would refuse to inject something into my body that is untested, unproven, and (possibly) ineffective.

Personally almost everyone I know has received 1- 3 rounds of vaccines with no adverse reactions, that I am aware of. My sisters baby was recently born and seems perfectly healthy. I have lost two former battle buddies since the start of the pandemic, one was elderly, grossly overweight and an alcoholic and died on a ventilator despite being vaccinated. The other died about 2 weeks ago. Initially his family claimed internal bleeding from a prior surgery was the cause, then other family chimed in that he had received his first Covid shot 3 days prior. No real evidence that it was the cause but it is suspect.

I have a family member that in the 1980's was a happy healthy baby and the mother swears that shortly after initial vaccine schedules everything changed in her son. He has suffered with learning disabilities and likely a mild form of autism his entire life. As a kid I was vaccinated regularly and on schedule up until I left the military. When you join the military they literally jab you with shit you have no idea what it is. I stood in a line prior to deployment with 300 other soldiers and walked through an assembly line of medics with vaccines stacked up on trays in the barracks hallway. I recieved 5 shots in the matter of 2 minutes, 2 in each arm 1 in the ass cheek. I have no idea what they were and still don't. When I ETS'ed I was physically healthy and rarely had need to go to the doctors office. I never got sick, I never got the flu, I never even worried about it. When PTSD symptoms started setting in, I started seeing therapists at the VA. During treatment I was offered the flu vaccine for free, I took it and ironically that was the first year I ever got the flu. It was horrible and I thought I was going to die. I never took the flu vaccine again and I've never gotten sick like that again. So my brain naturally draws its own conclusions.

I have a few friends mad at me over my continued level headed response to the current vaccine situation. Watching Trump push the vaccines as a thing to be proud of is definitely triggering cognitive dissonance in many who do not trust the current administration. I'm not mad at him (President Trump) though, as of now he caveats his support of the vaccines with a side note that there should not be mandates. People should have a choice.

Here is were logic comes in. mRNA is a brand new type of vaccine, meaning we are potentially being used as guinea pigs, but in all likelihood our soldiers were probably the first guinea pigs. This sparks immediate concern for me, I have trouble trusting my government as it is. The FDA requesting to hide vax data for 55 years is a huge red flag but could just be their chess move to make people fear the vaccines. Now why would they do that? Fear of vaccines and below threshold vaccination rates allows them to justify their tyranny. FDA, CDC, and the WHO have done many corrupt things in the past, and the heads of which are not benevolent and they have continued to move goal posts.

I have seen co-morbidity stats and those tell a story in themselves. Western Civilization is largely unhealthy. We are fed garbage food and live sedentary lives. I have seen VAERS data, which is unverified and can be manipulated. I have read stories of nervous system failure. I have seen top tier athletes fall out, and I have watched the same people I seek to expose with this website push lies and propaganda continuously over the last 2 years. I am relatively well insulated in a rural Mid Western area where less than 5% of my towns population couldn't give two shits about Covid or wearing masks. I do realize my potential exposure to Covid is low in comparison to someone in a big city. So my personal situation is a far cry from someone in San Fransisco or New York.

Covid is over when we stop playing their game. Unfortunately for many that means a heavily vaccinated populous. Railing against the vaccines allows [THEM] to keep their thumb on society and implement lock downs and dystopian tyrannical control measures.

I personally have no interest in getting vaxxed as a relatively healthy individual who has not bought into the Coronavirus game at all up to this point. I have remained largely unmasked and proud of it the entire time encouraging others to remove the mind control device themselves. My families immune system must be top notch not a single spell of illness in 3 years now.

In complete disregard to the Nuremberg Trials and Subsequent Nuremberg trials, some activist Circuit Courts have ruled in favor of the OSHA mandates multiple times, and what many are not realizing yet is that mandates will ultimately lead to more death and destruction than the pandemic has caused. Desperate people will do desperate things. This is why I'm wondering why the hell the Supreme court has taken so long to take it up. January 7th is supposed to be the start of oral arguments. Make sure they hear you if you are against mandates.

You will not know if the theoretical fear porn is true until it is proven down the road, buying [them] time to implement their controls. Each person in this country has the opportunity to research for them selves and give informed consent if they so choose, if they chose to give consent without being informed that too is their choice. For those saying you had to take it to keep your job, no you didn't. I have reported on Nuremberg 2.0 (<-most recent noted) is already under way with Dr Reiner Fuellmich, and has been in the works since at least May 21st as noted here and here

Questions that came to mind while writing this post -

-Remember how they manipulated our elections?

50+% Adverse Reactions? Do you trust the CDC?

  • Operation Warp Speed - Supply Chain Control. US vs World Supply. WHO oversees Quality Control?


Note those who are railing against Trump and continue to do so. They are aware of the realities of our situation. Remember those who scream the loudest...



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