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Afghan Government has Fallen

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Anonymous 08/15/21 (Sun) 15:24:47 8a5a91 (1) No.14360591

Where is Joe Biden?


Anonymous08/15/21 (Sun) 15:52:38579deb (14)No.14360810

Nobody's around to hand him the clicker at Camp David.

Jill's booted, Susan Rice is in fetal position over the Afghanistan thingy, His buddies Comey and Brennan are no-named already. Sad!



Anonymous 08/15/21 (Sun) 16:05:27 7488cc (3) No.14360925

>>14360591 Shooting off all their ammunition at once? Haiti Taliban what's next? Hunter laptop. Audits Covid narrative sinking Durham


Anonymous08/15/21 (Sun) 19:54:368a7406 (2)No.14362928 Jim Watkins, [15.08.21 11:48] This is the last few hours.  


Anonymous 08/15/21 (Sun) 15:38:11 134fa9 (22) No.82822

Here are Mercury Rising tweets, mostly for the last coupla hours, and 95% on Afghanistan. Includes a lot of planefag info, espec on flights into and out of Kabul. Highlights from OLDER to NEWER: - C130s have been landing and taking off from Kabul Karzei Int'l Airport [evaculating], only aircraft capable of dealing w/warzone-type conditions - power out in Kabul -Afghani defense minister flees to UAE -Taliban pics from inside presidential palace


Anonymous08/15/21 (Sun) 15:43:14134fa9 (22)No.82823

>>82822  - WTH is the US president?  - Joimnt Chiefs Chair moves up therrorist thread in Af.  -Tapper: rapid crumbling of Afg hasd caught the Biden WH flat-footed  - Power out in Kabul.  - Rainbow flag from JUNE KEKEKEKEKE  - How did it go down? Merc Rising: Biden shredded DJT withdrawal plan....  - Taliban fighters sitting in side office of Afg president  - all commercial flights from KABUL airport now SUSPENDED - USAF has taken cmd of ATC at airport, assumed running on bu power  -- total radio silence from Biden WH





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