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A Lesson in Disinformation and What To Look For

These are the things that I start reading through and recognize after 20 minutes into digging end up baseless. Sharing as a lesson and Praying I have done a good job in not pushing disinfo.

Texas' 38 presidential electors met in the state capital of Austin to formally cast their votes in the 2020 election. President Trump and Vice President Pence won the popular vote in the state.

Chief Justice Roberts Testimony of Matt Patrick District 32 on Chief Justice Roberts Report Note- Does NOT provide sauce.

Rumble — Matt Patrick raises concerns of a report he "read online" (He can not source) written by a "current staffer of a Supreme Court Justice" (What is a LARP?) who overheard Chief Roberts and the other liberal Judges screaming that the Texas case not be taken because of the violence and riots.

Chief Justice Roberts has sided with Democrats many times in the past at opportune moments to really screw this country over. So this "story" is just believable enough to confuse and discredit. A Deeper Read on that here:

No source given in the testimony. Has any been found yet?

We can check at the Archives link above.

Search "John Roberts"

2595 Results as of this post Check Qresearch skim for the information your looking for.

 (Paywall) I highly recommend subscribing to Epoch Times print version. Ive been a subscriber for 2 years now and have saved every week for an offline record of events. Historic times were living in.

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Chief Justice Roberts has sided with Democrats many times in the past, at opportune moments to really screw this Country over. This "story" is just believable enough to confuse and discredit

Q Research General #15428: Pompeo And Mnuchin Short Circuit Fake News Edition RESURFACED: Justice Roberts Accused of Being Hacked by CIA, Rumors Swirl About Alleged Meltdown Over Texas' SCOTUS Lawsuit Internet puts spotlight on Chief Justice Roberts in aftermath of controversial Supreme Court decision In the aftermath of the Supreme Court's decision to toss out Texas' election integrity suit against Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin, Chief Justice John Roberts has been thrust under the spotlight as new and resurfaced rumors swirl around regarding his political motivations. Roberts was accused of being "hacked" by intelligence operatives in 2018, after real estate mogul Timothy Blixseth reportedly showed Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and detective Mike Zullo evidence of a Deep State domestic espionage operation that targeted multiple individuals including Senior United States District Judge Reggie Walton and Chief Justice John Roberts. Blixseth reportedly showed evidence of the hack to Arpaio and Zullo, and can be heard stating in an audio file, "John Roberts, the chief justice of the Supreme Court, was hacked." The intrusive surveillance program was reportedly sanctioned by former CIA director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper during the first term of the Obama administration. Roberts went on to be instrumental in the passage of Obamacare by voting to uphold the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. More recently, statements from a state elector in Texas regarding hearsay and rumors involving Roberts' reported handling of the Texas election integrity lawsuit went viral on social media Thursday. On Dec. 14, elector matt patrick argued in favor of a resolution to condemn the "moral cowardice' of the Supreme Court in tossing out the Texas' lawsuit. patrick referenced a report he had "read online" which claimed to be authored by a Supreme Court staffer. patrick said the report claimed there was screaming and commotion during the Court's meeting about the lawsuit, as Justice Roberts allegedly refused to discuss the precedent of Bush vs. Gore because "at that time, we didn't have riots." The elector did not specify where he had read this report, and his claim was challenged by left-leaning fact check website Snopes, which said, "It appears that patrick was merely rehashing a piece of misinformation that was published on a conspiracy theorist's website."

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