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9-11-2001 NYC - Never Forget

9-11 was many of our first red pills. The amount of irregularities involved with the official narrative gave many of us pause to reflect on the presented facts... I will attempt to present you with as complete information as I have found over the years. There is literally no way we as humans can obtain 100% investigative accuracy alone, feel free to log in and comment with links or other proof of evidence. I am but one person and do this in the very little free time I have left. For God and Country.

Never Forget

BBC reports on WTC 7 collapsing before it actually happened

As you will come to learn in other posts of mine, the so called power structures (Qpost 133) collected souvenirs, they had their own secret world, just out of view from us. They were the Puppet Masters

Photos surfaced of what has been described as the wiring of the WTC building for controlled detonation. This theory is based on a photograph with BB-18 boxes (fuse holders) which are supposedly used in the planned demolition of buildings and released and evidence of shear breaks in the steel

For more background information on this photo: A supposed "Art Project"

Now ask yourself why ?

There is some speculation as to whether this was a plane at all as the damage looks more like a cruise missile remember in the WTC towers the planes wings did considerable damage to the exterior on the pentagon nothing.

So Rumsfeld announces 2.3 trillion dollar loss, the day before 9-11 attacks in which the "plane" magically hits the financial offices of the Pentagon, and the 2.3 trillion is never brought up again. keep that 2.3 trillion in your head because it will tie into DOD CIA Black-ops. Ill do a write up on that in the future. Also back to WTC building 7

This painting of George W Bush was done by the same woman that did the Jeffery Epstein Owned -Bill Clinton Photo (Here)(Here)<-the infamous blue dress painting was found inside Epstein's NYC Mansion. (foxnews link)

Artist Bio-

A Reverse Image Research - Tutorial

Take note of the bull on the left foot, A Bull is representative of Baal. Yes the Baal you've heard about in the Bible. I will eventually get around to the cult of Baal thread.

more to come feel free to add more in the comments. Still have to cover the wars that resulted the coverup during the investigation (The 9-11 Report), The Intact Terrorist passport and OBL Patsy, The Symbolism in the 9-11 Memorial today. So definitely more to come. If you like this style of thread let me know by leaving a comment

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