6770-6779 Notables


>>5304940 More Q proofs.

>>5304633, >>5304809 HSBC and money transfers.

>>5304816 Ohio music store owner faces backlash for turning away Trump supporters.

>>5304796 Pompeo dodges question re: McCabe 'conterintel' investigation knowledge.

>>5304649 Smollett staged hoax because $1.17 million 'Empire' salary wasn't enough.

>>5304590 Maduro announces Ven. has closed its border with Brazil.

>>5304969 #6779


>>5303845 Jim Jordan comments on Cohen hearing.

>>5304065 SDNY on FEMA FRAUD Storm Sandy

>>5304146 ‘Domestic terrorist’: US Coast Guard neo-Nazi plotted attack on ‘traitor’ Democrats & journalists.

>>5304141 Markle's baby shower a cover for something else?

>>5304132 Johnson & Johnson subpoena by DOJ re: Baby powder cancer link.

>>5304106 ICE officers deport MS-13 gang member for aggravated extortion.

>>5303944 Kellyanne Tweet: "Truth FactsFirst"

>>5303878 Geoffrey BERMAN, Acting US Attorney SDNY – Stealth Bomber or target?

>>5303766 Sperry tweet: McCabe/RR tried to eject Nunes from Q's referenced SCIF meeting?

>>5303765 Schiff and friends trying to encroach into executive functions of the Government.

>>5303586 US Army Tweet: "Bringing the boom"

>>5303544 US Marines Tweet: "Never Look Back!"

>>5303539 US Navy Tweet and similarities to Q posts.

>>5303528 US DoD Tweet: "These probably aren't the FRIES you're used to… get it?"

>>5303523 Bernie Sanders refuses to call for Maduro to step down.

>>5303509 DJT Tweet: ".@JussieSmollett - what about MAGA and the tens of millions of people you insulted with your racist and dangerous comments!? #MAGA"

>>5304211 #6778


>>5302758 House Oversight Cmmt Chair on Cohen hearing

>>5303300 Request for unemployment benefits down 23,000.

>>5302950 National Democratic Institute Board of Directors

>>5302850 DJT: The Wall is under construction right now!

>>5302851 AOC doc bought by Netflex for $10m

>>5302812 National Guard twitter Red Bull reference.

>>5302758 House Oversight releases outline of Cohen questioning.

>>5303259 #6777


>>5301985 Venezuelan expats slam 'ignorant' AOC, back Trump's anti-socialism rhetoric

>>5302003 Detention memo for U.S. Coast Guard lieutenant

>>5302021 PAC aligned with AOC paid boyfriend $6G for marketing work

>>5302033 Mkt update


>>5302064 Trump - Kim > Vietnam Summit Rapidly Approaching

>>5302117 Tom Fitton tweet on Wall

>>5302128 Dems hint at not accpting DEFEAT!

>>5302183 Mitt & his $ Money…shell companies and feeder funds

>>5302203 U.S. Army tweet Bringing the BOOM

>>5302199 House will vote in March to block Trump's border emergency

>>5302211 Who's who of Trump-Russia collusion COLLAPSE

>>5302236 May in Brussels to talk Brexit

>>5302249 Bill Gates & his obsession with communicable diseases

>>5302250 Ilhan Omar traveled with anti-US group that supports socialism

>>5302263 Your feelings don't matter Andy.. FACTS do.

>>5302267 USMC tweet Never Look Back!

>>5302028 Maggie like Pence new chief of staff?

>>5302307 More digs on Bain Capital

>>5302353 National Guard tweet Can you Spot them?

>>5302393 Smollett family tied in with the old Black Panther/Angela Davis crew

>>5302412 Tech giants are desperate to get our health records… not creepy at all

>>5302494 A national emergency in plain sight

>>5302505 Bernie isn't fooling anyone this time

>>5302558 USACE Build your future w/ USACE

>>5302563 Parscale tweet on 5g

>>5302668 #6676


>>5301227 Microsoft says discovers hacking targeting democratic institutions in Europe

>>5301220 Huawei/5G news

>>5301265 Is Venezuela the next Syria?

>>5301288 Notable b/c kek willed it (srsly)

>>5301344 BBC poll "Who will take on Trump in 2020?

>>5301345 Napa County Sheriff Shot at by Javier Hernandez Morales

>>5301382, >>5301605, >>5301778 Haiti Crisis: Heavily Armed US Citizens Among Several Foreigners Arrested

>>5301392 USA Today editor-in-chief admits blackface link

>>5301424 Hollywood is Just a Big Escort Service for the Elite?

>>5301453 El Chapo Juror Malfeasance

>>5301526 "Mini-Bun" on Judge refuting the basis of dem lawsuits on border wall

>>5301462 SoCal Dems provide more evidence they are lawless & working for CARTELS.

>>5301467 Time's Up for CEO of "Time's Up"

>>5301476 Reminder - Hussein used emminent domain

>>5301488, >>5301786 Romney's Bain Capitol connected to death squads in Salvador?

>>5301501 Michael Cohen to testify on Feb. 27, here comes another dog & pony show

>>5301546 MM owns media?

>>5301587 notable Q proof

>>5301614 Kansas ain't goin' anywhere

>>5301647 Former Immigration Judge Debunks 5 Claims in Democrats’ Border Wall Lawsuit

>>5301682 The Nuclear Option: In What World Is an Invasion of More than 10 million People Not an Emergency?

>>5301689 Dig on Ann and Mitt Romney and their Connection to Fraud & Sex Trafficking

>>5301696 Texas Boy Says Adults Called Him ‘Little Hitler’ When He Started Raising Money For The Wall

>>5301730 The latest Lead IG quarterly report for Operation Freedom’s Sentinel in Afghanistan

>>5301763 Dig on Romney & faulty voting machines

>>5301767 Gateway Pundit Exclusive: Inside the AGT Juggarnaut – FBI/DOJ Coverup of Clinton Foundation and Russian/China Related Crime

>>5301790 UK admits to resettling 100 “White Helmets” members

>>5301797 Feds Coast Guard lieutenant compiled hit list of lawmakers

>>5301852 Does new passport mean Julian will be forced out?

>>5301858 Putin claims a Deep State is after Trump, well he does have eyes to see too

>>5301886, >>5301915 New Trump Tweets on 5G, cyberSPACE FORCE!

>>5301894 Do Democrats even Economics AT ALL?


>>5292687, >>5292693, >>5292703, >>5293073, >>5293059, >>5293137 Jussie charged with felony disorderly conduct/ filing false police report

>>5292735 is this real AOC? shadilay?

>>5292843 The timeline from Sarah Carter that Q posted update, gone viral

>>5292763 Q swag idea - pepe green bracelet (to go with red MAGA hat)

>>5292819, >>5293009 NEW OIG DoD Inspection

>>5293078 US Christian who refuses to pay taxes until abortion is defunded has first big win in court

>>5293108 Times Square Billboard DESTROYS Socialist Ocasio-Cortez “Thanks for Nothing!”

>>5293171 Tesla Loses Yet Another Top Executive

>>5293042 Anon: Corinthia Hotel London - Espionage Central

>>5293221 U.S., Central America launch plan to crack down on people smugglers

>>5293286 Major Western Cities Sinking Into Hopeless, Homeless Dystopia

>>5293334 Jussie Smollett could face more than a decade in prison

>>5293312 BREAKING: Arrest Warrant Issued for Smollett

>>5293414 #6764


>>5299666 evil trips. Supreme Court Limits Police Powers to Seize Private Property

>>5299709, >>5299711, >>5299713 Resignations in the news today

>>5299723, >>5299739 Terrence Williams in a car crash today, Q post re DRIVE YOU

>>5299855 5:5 the 6 phases of 'Continuum of Mil Ops'

>>5299999 Love is an inside job.

>>5300000 Smollett is a Liar

>>5299919 Tech giants called to testify in Ottawa in international probe of fake news

>>5300092, >>5300198 3 month proximity between Baker changing his mind and the 4chan post that started Q.

>>5300303, >>5300277 re: Baker above, FBI Anon chatter

>>5300255 Cali College freaks out over pepe flier (free speech rally)

>>5300320 #6773


>>5298882 Moar James Woods

>>5299138 Classic james Woods on O;Relliy (video)

>>5299179, >>5299217 Krassenstein admits to being paid for anti-trump resistance

>>5299171 moar on American Rambler Productions

>>5299342 more puppy show chatter (bun)

>>5299277 AnonNewsService Mark Lambert, U1, HRC, McCabe, Mueller

>>5299354 NASA threaten 'delays' for space program, SpaceX & Boeing 'design. safety concerns'

>>5299287 Ann Coulter deceives the public about radiation benefits (days after fulkishima)

>>5299352 Mitt Romney promoting nuclear power plants

>>5299341 NCIS - S16E13 from 2/5/19 Q clues

>>5299381 re Romney 1,200,000 that was left in his presidential commitee

>>5299444 quad trips. Coulter Howie Carr interviewer, trying to get Mitt to run 2016

>>5299532 #6772


>>5298097 New James Woods top kek - BHO praises MO in discussion about 'being a man'

>>5298208, >>5298249, >>5298279, >>5298324 The Old Guard is down. Choose Freedom.

>>5298178 Jeffrey Skilling, former CEO of Enron, may be released tomorrow.

>>5298110 Ann Coulter to Mitt 'You Owe Me'

>>5298518 puppy show - q post and kamala/smollett

>>5298480, >>5298524 Walt Disney has pulled its ad spending from YT due to recent pedo news

>>5298494 Hannity clip with JS and SC predicting charges are coming for people

>>5298595 Jussie Smollett case is what happens when the demand for Racism is greater than the supply

>>5298587, >>5298768 Coulter and Griffin to ch-host SNL

>>5298572 We got our 11th international thread today

>>5298687 #6771


>>5297344 "Romney can change his positions" like an etch a sketch

>>5297354 May returns to Brussels but EU not budging on Brexit

>>5297432 Romney connection to Red October Productions

>>5297433 There was a $1 million reward for Romney's tax returns in 2012

>>5297493 Comey's Time's 100 Most Influential People of 2017 was written by No Name

>>5297514 Romney connections

>>5297768 For Keks: New James Woods Twat

>>5297819 On Romney's anti-Trump OpEd

>>5297862 Former Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop announces resignation from Parliament

>>5297864 Clip of Coulter on immigration

>>5297933 Democratic Party passes resolution calling for US to re-enter Iran nuke deal

>>5297940 Updated "Corrections" Graphic

>>5297958, >>5297978 Johnson & Johnson subpoenaed by DOJ and SEC

>>5298020 #6770

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