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>>4879529 PP 'node' successfully prosecuted in Orange County, fined $7mil+ and forced to close.

>>4879782 James Clapper joining Stellar-Peak Corp.

>>4879628 Anti-Maduro demonstrations turn violent in Caracas. (video)

>>4879560 Vision/healthcare providers raided by Feds in Rhode Island.

>>4879504 Buzzfeed to lay off 15% of it's staff?

>>4879464 McCain involved with the same Russian characters? DS insurance policy MO?

>>4879457 Netanyahu mocks Iran; Tells them to keep out of Israeli elections.

>>4879435 Sweden Bombing Crisis: Four Explosions in 24 Hours!

>>4879427 Rep. Lee Zeldin: Pelosi just left until Monday.

>>4879254 Madonna warning people to not flip?

>>4879268 Unkown plane from Russia has arrived in Venezuela.

>>4879199 Mother arrested after newborn found dead at Amazon warehouse, Phoenix police say.

>>4878954 Anon: Venezuela is how Potus is going after Iran.

>>4878893 Democrats including Pelosi and AOC vote against a GOP effort to provide paychecks to Federal employees (including furloughed).

>>4878899 WikiLeaks sues to unseal any charges against founder Assange.

>>4878854 Q clock update. Re-read crumbs.

>>4878846 Anon: "Bake the country safe." Now with added Pepe.

>>4878822 Bryan Singer faces allegations of sexual assault with minors.

>>4878767 DS love of symbolism: One World Trade Center lit up pink to celebrate baby murder.

>>4878702 CNN's Powers removing Twitter app after being called out for Fake News. Tide turning?

>>4878479, >>4878613 Brief description of the NY gun law the SCOTUS is hearing and an accompanying interpretation.

>>4878438 POTUS: "Bake the country safe." (video clip)

>>4878396 Shocking: Davos elites scramble to protect globalism.

>>4878390 Suspicious package found at Diocese of Covington - Diocese employees scramble to leave.

>>4878296 POTUS sounds like he's saying "We have to bake our country safe!"

>>4878205 Police reportedly joining protestors in Venezuela.

>>4878147 McConnell: Time to make a deal.

>>4878073 Stolen helicopter, grenades and gunfire supposedly seen in Venezuela.

>>4878062, >>4878115 NK's Kim Jong-un expresses "great satisfaction" after receiving letter from President Trump.

>>4878028, >>4878050, >>4878181, >>4878277 The ties between Iran and Venezuela. (Hezbollah -> Obama as well?)

>>4877878 Deep State failures coincide with full moons?

>>4877873 Venezuela's Defense Minister says the military does not support Juan Guaido.

>>4877777 Kek speaks: lez do dis (not an endorsement of violence)

>>4877620, >>4877639 Syria update.

>>4877589 Lawyer representing Covington kids @Barnes_Law receives bomb threat.

>>4877586, >>4877653 President Trump: “The State of the Union speech has been cancelled by Nancy Pelosi because she doesn’t want to hear the truth”.


>>4877318, >>4877329 Macron using currency manipulation to drive African migration into Europe?

>>4877266 Q Crumb: TRUTH.

>>4877231 NY State's backwards "retreat doctrine."

>>4877196 Guaido tells foreign embassies to stay and to ignore orders from Maduro.

>>4877157 JW: Senate Ethics Committee gives Sen. Cory Booker a pass for purposely violating rules to try to torpedo Kavanaugh nomination.

>>4877121 Syria ceasefire on brink of collapse as Russia blames Turkey for terrorist growth.

>>4877021 Maduro says he will go to combat over contested Presidential election.

>>4877013 Reporters instructed to gather at the White House to hear from President Trump & Republican leaders regarding news on government shutdown.

>>4877006 Who's been signing Pelosi's name?

>>4876987 Jr calls out Dems for their public and media ignored anti-Semitism.

>>4876934, >>4877031 Mark Zuckerberg's pal and Mayor of Southbend, Ind., Pete Buttigieg, announces his bid for 2020 presidential race.

>>4876872 Sheila Jackson Lee resigns from head of Congressional Black Caucus.

>>4876868 Venezuelan Dictator Nicolas Maduro accuses the U.S. of leading ‘coup’ against him.

>>4876969 Guatemala has recognized Juan Guaido as interim President of Venezuela.

>>4876920 RBG misses third consecutive day at SCOTUS.

>>4876913 Maduro: US has 72 hours to evacuate diplomats.

#6225 Baker Change

>>4876769 Pelosi foreshadowing the targeting of security clearances? (video)

>>4876434 (You) , >>4876562, >>4876616 Pelosi's signature, or a forgery? Different pen? Signed while horsebacking? Intoxicated?

>>4876511 Pelosi live on Fox now.

>>4876589 President Trump: Michael Cohen “has been threatened by the truth.”

>>4876591 Dem-led House panel launches new probe into Trump administration security clearances.

>>4876519 Judge extends temporary restraining order against Michael Avenatti for two months.

>>4876480 Countries recognising Juan Guaido as Venezuela's president.

>>4876299 Reps. Cummings & Schiff on Michael Cohen

>>4876226 What is sedition? Graphics

>>4876208 Retweet if you agree that the State of the Union should proceed as planned

>>4876186 , >>4876207 Unsauced Pelosi reply to POTUS re SOTU address

>>4876134 Mueller’s office approach to future controversial Russia probe stories

>>4876120 NBC's Guthrie slammed by left, right over interview with Covington student Sandmann

>>4876102 Rep. Omar Quietly Deletes Tweet Slamming Covington Students after Backlash

>>4876085 US confirms its envoy held talks with Taliban in Qatar

>>4876080 Web ad giant Google to block ad-blockers in Chrome


>>4875879 Covington Catholic chaperone: Our kids were targeted

>>4875862 Fresh POTUS tweet: 'Historic results of POTUS first 2 years in office'

>>4875771 Strzok/Page text implicates PENCE

>>4875726 Human Trafficking and empty govt. buildings

>>4875723 Sheila Jackson Lee trending on twitter to step down as Chair of CBC

>>4875677 New POTUS and VP Pence Tweets

>>4875596 Illegal Alien Sentenced to 401 Years in Prison for Kidnapping, Rape, Child Molestation

>>4875564 Announced: POTUS is preparing two SOTU addresses for a back up

>>4875563 Israel must stop 'spontaneous' Syria strikes: Russia

>>4875534 , >>4875538, >>4875592, >>4875603 Cohen postpones plan to testify citing family's safety

>>4875488 , >>4875786 Investigation into Reps who exposed the FISA abuse

>>4875326 Grooming Gang Gets Taxpayer Money to Fight Deportation

>>4875319 Ruth Bader Ginsburg Reacts to Oscar Nomination for ‘RBG’

>>4875313 Manfort files sealed reply to Mueller allegations about lying

>>4875311 Palantir CEO claims terrorist plot foiled every week in Europe

>>4875284 , >>4875292 RBG: CNN comms? Yup. "FULL CONTROL."

>>4875264 Active shooter reported in Salem City, New Jersey

>>4874523 Fusion GPS bribery dozens of MSM journalists with cash, while new companies paid the firm to dig dirt on Trump (reminder: list of journalist/cabalist shitbags: >>4874563 )

>>4874556 On the Covington situation/implications (article analysis)

>>4874576 ; >>4874617 ; >>4875017 Sheila Jackson Lee to step down as chair of Congressional Black Caucus Foundation; part of blowback from firing sexual assault whistleblower

>>4874598 Internet blockages in Venezuela amidst protests

>>4874626 On the reallocation of funds from the border wall to Iran

>>4874713 ; >>4874906 POTUS’ letter to Pelosi: SOTU to proceed in House Chamber per prior invitation

>>4874725 ; >>4874848 Reports of Nathan Phillips attempting to disrupt Catholic Mass day after viral video incident

>>4874731 On the “start of a vital process” (speculation)

>>4874985 ; >>4875020 ; >>4875059 ; >>4875094 Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó declares himself interim president; POTUS to recognize him as legitimate president

>>4875050 Police responding to shooting in Salem, NJ

>>4873759 OPM issues warning on AWOL gov’t employees during shutdown

>>4873763 ; >>4873776 Brexit: EU trade goals “incompatible” with plan; UK May ordering to vote down no-deal Brexit amendments

>>4873772 ; >>4874105 Venezuela’s opposition urges military to rise up against Maduro; protests increase in size

>>4873788 Unprecedented demand for Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese debt offerings

>>4873824 1.6M Canadian banking records shared with IRS

>>4873829 Gen. Spalding calling out Brookings Institute, Tavistock, Huawei connection

>>4873839 Marshall Plan dig continued

>>4873989 Bryan Singer pedo exposé

>>4873998 Pope in Panama for World Youth Day

>>4874041 Reports of explosion near US consular agency in Geneva, SUI

>>4874151 Oversight Cmte. “launching an in-depth investigation of security clearance process” at WH and transition team

>>4874159 Nadler writes letter to AAG Whitaker re: scheduled Feb. 8th hearing

>>4874164 Planefag Update: Navy plane squawking 7500

>>4874182 Report on Elon Musk’s foundation + spending habits

>>4874298 Former Barclays execs accused of lying about payments to Qatar

>>4874332 Wikileaks tweet on “Integrity Initiative”


Baker Change

>>4872970 Merkel pushing for IMF, World Bank reform

>>4872982 ; >>4872989 John Kerry at Davos, telling crowd that Trump should resign

>>4873040 POTUS announces new roster of federal judges, many in 9th Circuit

>>4873050 CNN clowns attempting to pair MAGA hats w/KKK hoods, forgot that KKK were Democrats

>>4873078 Little diplomatic progress made after Russia/Japan territory dispute meeting

>>4873146 Assange issues legal challenge to prevent extradition to US

>>4873183 Twitter announces pending update

>>4873252 Politico reporting on centrist Dems walking away from Pelosi-driven shutdown stalemate

>>4873275 ; >>4873315 ; >>4873468 Lawyers preparing to defend Covington students, families; going hard against MSM puppets

>>4873388 Repub. Senators want captured ISIS fighters sent to Gitmo

>>4873422 Kamala Harris filling campaign staff with former HRC lackeys

>>4873462 ; >>4873504 Sweden: reports of bombing; yellow vest protests to occur this Sunday

>>4873473 Fed probing Deutsche Bank’s role in money laundering scandal

>>4872183 Does The Client'S Sixth Amendment Right To Counsel Protect Fruits Of Crime Possessed By The Lawyer?

>>4872167 Cleaner Link For Congress Bills Tracking

>>4872282 Disgraced FBI Officials Threaten to Release Weiner’s Laptop Evidence

>>4872294, >>4872303 Our Reptile Brains Were Triggered By MAGA Hat Video

>>4872446 Anon Compares Covington With Standoff At Oka Image

>>4872457 White House Announces 51 Judicial Picks, Including Two For Liberal 9th Circuit

>>4872207, >>4872226, >>4872254, >>4872459 Since We'Re Talking About Popes

>>4872333, >>4872464, >>4872491, >>4872567 CJ Pearson Tweets (Covingtonboys)

>>4872481, >>4872493 Senate GOP Introduces “Liv Act” In Response To RHA

>>4872525, >>4872577, >>4872722 Nick Sandman Appears On Tv For First Time Since Nathan Phillips Incident

>>4872534, >>4872542 President Trump Will Address The Nation At Next Week’s State Of The Union

>>4872536, >>4872586 Adam Schiff Responds To Trump Jr’s Leaking Accusation

>>4872549, >>4872553 NASA Will Attempt To Knock An Asteroid Out Of Orbit For The First Time In 2022

>>4872572 There are TWO Frank Wisners, Jr and Sr, father and son (Marshall Plan)

>>4872592 US coalition forces overrun last ISIS village in Syria

>>4872671 Anons, former MI6 head Sir Richard Dearlove's letters regarding Theresa May and Brexit.

>>4872716, >>4872733 Bryan Singer Hit With Fresh Allegations of Sex With Underage Boys

>>4872732 Testimony Reveals Perkins Coie Lawyer Provided FBI With Information on Alfa Bank Allegations

>>4872744 2 Drones Flying Near Newark Liberty Airport Halt Flights

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