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6210-6219 LOAF


All 8ch links should be considered NSFW and it is suggested to use a quality VPN as well



>>4871969, >>4871922, >>4871940 Catholic Church Forced To Lock Doors To Keep Nathan Phillips Out

>>4871632 Find the Bills and Text of what Congress is doing. And who in Congress are doing it.

>>4871912 Military Vehicles Crash In New Mexico; At Least 9 Personnel Wounded

>>4871900 Mike Pompeo Delivers Video Conference Message To Davos Audience (Foreshadow A Storm)

>>4871871 Transcripts of Lisa Page’s Closed-Door Testimonies Provide New Revelations in Spygate Scandal

>>4871777 OP Mockingbird, Assassination Of JFK - All C_A It'S All Here: (A Good Go To Resource)

>>4871752 This Is The Guy Who Directed And Implemented The Marshall Plan

>>4871722 Freedom Of Information Query Reveals Secret List Of Pentagon Research Projects

>>4871430 Dr. Dave Janda, Puts Together A Full Interview With The Father Of Tye Woods

>>4871707 The U.S. Supreme Court Will Consider Bolstering Constitutional Gun Rights For The First Time In Almost A Decade

>>4871677 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Will Quiz Michael Cohen About Trump At His Blockbuster Testimony Before Congress

>>4871551 Venezuela Has Announced A Decision To Fully Revise Its Diplomatic Relations With The United States

(Baker Change)

>>4871439 China'S Military Cuts Ground Force By Half, To Boost Navy And Air Force

>>4871458, >>4871490 Moar On NBC'S 400 Million Dollar Investment In Buzzfeed

>>4871474, >>4871478, >>4871489 Maggie "Wendy" Nixon Dig

>>4872089 #6219


>>4870635, >>4870643 Active Shooter at Inova Fairfax Hospital in Virginia killed himself, no others hurt

>>4870713, >>4871016 On Thomas Jefferson's "Great Clock" and the clock

>>4870723 On Berkeley becoming the first sanctuary city in 1971

>>4870759 Interesting bill to prohibit a first strike using nukes without a declaration of war

>>4870790 New York anti-abortion bill allows abortions up to 24 weeks, not 9 monthsn

>>4870818, >>4870833, >>4870953 On the new pro-life movies

>>4870896, >>4870928 Sessions and Grassley were at Mueller's FBI Director confirmation hearing

>>4870969 Graphic on Liberal Billionaires and AOC

>>4871288 France And Germany Take Major Step Toward EU Army To Protect "Europe Threatened By Nationalism"

>>4871319 #6218

#6217 Baker Change

>>4869858, >>4870287 House voted 357-22 to bar POTUS from exiting NATO

>>4869861 Side by Side on the Anti-trump Resistance Movement

>>4869884 Adam Schitt on Trump Jr's leak accusation: IT’S NOT A LEAK, IT’S ‘EXPOSURE’

>>4869911 Mitch McConnel calling a vote on Thursday on POTUS' shutdown resolution

>>4869936 1 year delta on the shutdown and Schumer

>>4869944 Venezuelan government quells armed uprising by National Guard troops in Caracas

>>4870084 Record 105,000 websites forced to remove child sex abuse images

>>4870107, >>4870228 New court filing

>>4870164 China Starts "Debt Shaming": New App Warns Users If They Are Walking Near Someone In Debt

>>4870167, >>4870253, >>4870274 Videos of the situation in Venezuela

>>4870170 1 year delta on "Drones over US"

>>4870286, >>4870341, >>4870384 Several Unsealed Indictments

>>4870552 #6217

#6216 Baker Change

>>4869117 N. Korean Official in Secret Meeting with Deputy CIA Chief


>>4869139 Trump to meet Covington students at White House

>>4869335 House approves bill warning against U.S. NATO pullout

>>4869365, >>4869470 Last week, House GOP voted to pay federal emp. 1st paycheck of 2019, despite shutdown. Only 6 Dems voted yes

>>4869414 Trump administration escalates fight over new census question, turning to Supreme Court

>>4869526 Big Pharma Will Now Hold Patent for CBD/THC Cancer Treatment

>>4869672, >>4869688 Breaking: Active Shooter at DC Hospital

>>4869739 "Sandman" POTUS tweets/Qposts graphics

>>4869786 #6216



>>4868314 keks, MetalTrump - Master of Puppets

>>4868345 moar on the new filing US v Backpage, bank, amount, AND NAME the bank account was under

>>4868448 front page of the Trustee’s with the most Assets Seized

>>4868705 PERKINS-COIE (DNC lawfirm) listed in US vs. seized bank accts.

>>4868384 Senate to vote on dueling shutdown bills Thursday, with neither expected to pass

>>4868324, >>4868641 moar anon re prev bread: "Country A" in Super Secret Mueller subpoena case

>>4868495 Covington kids tomorrow 07:20 eastern on Fox and Friends

>>4868484 Pompeo Celebrates Death of Globalism at Davos Speech: ‘Nations Matter’ (breitbart)

>>4868477 New CDAN - a blind item from today

>>4868363 Day/Night memes are on fire

>>4868563 interesting podesta email decode of the chinese/oriental characters

>>4868551 Maxine Waters flies First Class while nnn,000 getting no paycheck

>>4868738, >>4868815 2018 Operation Sandman Leads to 374 total Arrests for Human Smuggling (march 2018)

>>4868721 ICYMI - the POTUS nicholas sandman tweet said 'but can end in a dream'

>>4868394 Drones over US 1 year proof

>>4868680 infograph Democrat Sanctuary Status, Missing Children

>>4869017 #6215


>>4867589, >>4867653, >>4867901 Shutdown/RIF post 30 update

>>4867601, >>4867740 Three men and a teenager have been arrested after planning to bomb a Muslim NY neighb

>>4867616, >>4867863 re POTUS Rivera tweet 42 in the cage?

>>4868012, >>4868150, >>4868068, Where is Clinton's Sandman

>>4868114, >>4868152 Obama Sandman

>>4867562 This Black Israelite Sparked the Covington Controversy

>>4867676, >>4867692 New POTUS tweet

>>4867605, >>4867989 anon(s) post -Trump is a master at maketing

>>4868006 John Solomon coming up on Hannity

>>4868236 #6214


>>4866814 Senate Dem says "give Trump every cent" for Border Wall.

>>4867125 New POTUS tweet and video Rivera #EnterSandman

>>4866829, >>4866902, >>4866815, >>4867118, re POTUS recent tweet #EnterSandman

>>4867028, >>4867406 re POTUS recent tweet #EnterSandman 1:07 marker

>>4867159 MSN: maga hats are a teen trend

>>4867109 Cartel, Human & Drug Trafficking Democrats infographs

>>4866903, >>4867043, >>4867047, >>4867057, >>4867078 Backpage Pacer drops

>>4867209, >>4867223 USA today 'we still have no evidence of collusion’

>>4867423 Nathan Phillips - AWOL 3 times?

>>4867500 #6213

#6212 Baker Change

>>4866050 House Intel Committee asks Twatter provide more info re the OP from @2020fight

>>4866053 Sandmann on Today Show video

>>4866109 Multiple Investigations Underway Into Twitter Users For TERRORIST THREATS

>>4866215 Savannah Gutherie, shes on the list

>>4866221, >>4866462, >>4866436, >>4866315 Twatter re a new US vs Backpage filing, sauces

>>4866096 interesting from today re a GJ Subpoena (case num noted, anon says Mueller related) - dig?

>>4866224 Q post re drones tied to Breaking 911 drones NY Lib airport twat (anon post)

>>4866042 Reproductive Health Act - full term abortions, yay New York

>>4866340 Leovani [P]ayseur has his own YT channel. (anon nominated/seconded)

>>4866119, >>4866171 planefagging

>>4866666 even the devil hates Hillary

>>4866363 New POTUS - Rivera HOF

>>4866723 #6212



>>4865729 Chelsea pregnant.

>>4865837 POTUS Schedule update.

>>4865833 FBI agents complain that shutdown is hampering sex trafficking, gang investigations.

>>4865275, >>4865378 Anon digs on Payseurs and their relation to French nobility. Call to shovels.

>>4865594 Want to boycott Israel? The 1st Amendment allows it — but Texas doesn’t.

>>4865735 Democrat party is in disarray.

>>4865750 Sara Carter article on James Baker.

>>4865644 White House Tweet: "The decades-long failure to secure our border, in one photo."

>>4865611 John Kerry tells Davos crowd Trump should resign.

>>4865554 The federal court system is estimated to have enough funds to sustain its operations through Jan. 31.

>>4865490 Israeli jets strike northern Gaza targets following border flare-ups.

>>4865472, >>4865687 John Solomon's article on the information saturation campaign waged by the Deep State.

>>4865469 Instagram taking up the slack of slowing Facebook growth.

>>4865445 Tracing owls and Y-heads around the world, dig continued.

>>4865438 US DoD Tweet: It’s a tough job…

>>4865434 Flights have been suspended at Newark Airport in NYC as ‘two drones’ have been seen over the runways.

>>4865422 Salvadoran gang enforcer caught in new migrant caravan.

>>4865326 Centrist Democrat group urges Pelosi to end partial shutdown.

>>4865286 Q clock update. Re-read crumbs.

>>4865949 #6211


>>4865115 Pelosi going to ridiculous lengths to avoid negotiation with POTUS.

>>4865089 Huckabee laying the moral smackdown on angry Twitter snowflakes.

>>4865031 POTUS rumored to be writing two SOTU speeches.

>>4865027 20,000 Nigerian girls sold to prostitution ring, trafficking agency says.

>>4864997 Paul Whelan claims he was expecting a USB full of church pictures.

>>4864922 QAnon followers are geriatric and lazy.

>>4864871 CNN’s Kirsten Powers: Covington students called classmate ‘n***er’ with hand gesture.

>>4864815 Taliban used US-made humvee in ambush that killed dozens.

>>4864813 Nathan Phillips says Catholic student ‘stole my narrative’.

>>4864776 NBC raises eyebrows over $400 million relationship with BuzzFeed.

>>4864727 An NYT opinion article cites the clickbait way of the MSM.

>>4864722 ISIS needs the US to survive.

>>4864691 Russian singer who initiated the Trump Tower meeting cancels US tour to possibly evade US law enforcement.

>>4864559 WaPo corrects their claim that Nathan Phillips was a Vietnam Veteran.

>>4864556 Comedian Kevin Barnett dead at 32.

>>4864535 DNI: Strategy promotes integration, innovation, partnerships, and transparency for the 17 intelligence elements.

>>4864514 Michigan men arrested for planning to provide material support to ISIS. (Somalia)

>>4864486 Background into Deciem founder Brandon Truaxe's death. (image was posted several months ago)

>>4864426, >>4864443 Davos / Schwab dig.

>>4865143 #6210

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