6180-6189 LOAF



>>4848164 Another peculiar Rubio tweet

>>4848172 Flight to Dubai makes emergency landing over poison concerns after passengers start "turning green"

>>4848203, >>4848214 Israeli and Ukraine sign free trade agreement

>>4848264 Mother of Canadian politician found frozen to death outside senior living facility

>>4848332 The Hill: Debate builds over making Mueller report public

>>4848391 Donna Brazile tweets same MLK quote as Comey

>>4848354 Bezos "Empire" of Companies, Holdings and Ivestments Infographic

>>4848210 twitter bots coincidentally happen to spread #KamalaHarris 2020 across the country in reverse alphabetical order of cities

>>4848485 Mueller reportedly investigating DC insiders lobbying for foreign nations, including Tony Podesta

>>4848559 Are Comey's Atlanta tweet + Super Bowl emergency preparedness exercise related?

>>4848577 Planefag update on 2 French airforce airbuses from lb

>>4848630, >>4848649 Covington parents and students getting death threats, "ton of lawsuits coming"

>>4848656 Anon's interdasting theory on the significance of Q's confirmed delta markers

>>4848661 WSJ: U.S. and North Korean Spies Have Held Secret Talks For a Decade

>>4848869 #6189

#6188 Baker Change

>>4847399, >>4847456 2 Russian ships blow up in the Kerch Strait previously targeted by Ukraine

>>4847407 @DeptofDefense: "Another one bites the dust! @USMC military working dog handlers "

>>4847437 7/10: 2 killed, 4 injured in Wayne County, OH plane crash

>>4847484 Senate GOP may use "nuclear option" to speed up consideration of Trump nominees next week

>>4847474 US tanks roll through Germany (German sauce)

>>4847632 Graham angers Dems by digging into Clinton, Obama controversies

>>4847638 Over 100 security killed in Taliban attack on Afghan military training center

>>4847679, >>4847859 Iran ready to ‘eliminate Israel from Earth,’ air force commander warns + Bibi tweet

>>4847719 FF watch: Ahead of Super Bowl, MARTA police hold "region's largest emergency preparedness exercise", actors a major part

>>4847754 Macron Hosts 150 Corporate Bosses in Versailles as Yellow Vest Protests Continue

>>4847858 IMF warning No-deal Brexit could fuck up economy

>>4847907 Overview Of Syrian-Israeli Encounter On January 20-21 (Map, Videos, Photos)

>>4847914 Planefag report: 2 French Airforce airbuses landing at BOS

>>4847939 POTUS Schedule Monday, January 21, 2019

>>4847979 Update: Israeli strikes hit 16 targets in Syria

>>4848016 New POTUS tweet re: MLK Jr. Memorial visit

>>4848031 Reminder: deadline for Huber to update Oversight committees on current investigations is 5pm today

>>4848055 A peculiar Marco Rubio tweet today

>>4848104 #6188


>>4846692, >>4846710 New Come[y] Twat - has ATL in it

>>4846714, >>4846770 New POTUS - RT of recent self tweet, timestmaped

>>4846661, >>4846592, >>4846853, >>4846893 Is Mexican billionaire “suicide” worth digging? anons say yes!

>>4846846 The Seal has an added layer, an extra ring of stars….(anon theory)

>>4846907, >>4846949 Alyssa Milano claims Trump using MKU on (you)

>>4846915, >>4846958, >>4846959 POTUS schedule update

>>4846698 Anon links liberal attacks on catholic to RBG replacement (anon theory)

>>4847329 #6187

#6186 Baker Change

>>4845885, >>4845839, >>4846302, >>4845944, Fox corrects graphic with early birthday wish (not RIP)

>>4846162 RBG birthday March 15

>>4845899 Exit Sandmann, the recently created twatter act now deleted

>>4846266 Snowden, Haspel, from Jan 17, calls out Gina's torutre article does mention a blacksite Thailand (Q rel)

>>4845943 Maggie post (then/now)

>>4846323 Pope Francis Knew His Protégé Took Nude Selfies (breitbart)

>>4846276, >>4846473, >>4846483 New POTUS tweets

>>4846479 WH pres proc on MLK jr holiday

>>4846562 Planefag USN air sys comm in air

>>4846684 #6186



>>4845088, >>4845530 European Union Ramps Up Efforts To Overcome US-Iran Sanctions

>>4845098, >>4845236, >>4845555 I Think Nathan Phillips Was Approached By A MSM To Manufacture This Bullshit "Event"

>>4845144, >>4845152, >>4845166, >>4845199 Plane Fag Reports

>>4845188 Fire Damages MSNBC, Fox News, C-SPAN Studios In D.C

>>4845190 Clinton Whistleblower Needs Our Prayers.

>>4845194, >>4845218, >>4845223, >>4845283, >>4845354, >>4845380, >>4845454, >>4845505 RBG Just Now On Fox & Friends

>>4845246 Madeleine Mccann Firm Set Up By Parents To Fund Search Has £800k In Assets

>>4845301 Tokyo Terminates Working Level Talks With Seoul After Revealing New Evidence

>>4845311 Russian Media Watchdog Launch ‘administrative Proceedings’ Against Facebook, Twitter

>>4845340, >>4845539, >>4845546 The Latest On Zimbabwe'S Ongoing Protests And Turmoil

>>4845418 Interesting Last Name Of The Dude That Wrote This.

>>4845507, >>4845517 A Call to Reinvestigate American Assassinations

>>4845532 Bannon mixing things up in EU. Toppling governments.

>>4845577 Top Doj Official Helped Keep Opioid Executives From Prison. Then Defended Pharma V'S Govt.

>>4845597 Pakistani officers gun down 4 people, incl. 13-year-old girl, claiming they were ‘terrorists’

>>4845625 Jon Voight a good man. Pro-life movie gets the boot on FB.

>>4845643, >>4845677, >>4845711 Violence breaks out after reported mutiny by national guard unit in Venezuela

>>4845667 Over 100 security killed in Taliban attack on Afghan military training center – reports

>>4845760 #6185


>>4844348 (PB) >>4844954 Could Z. Brzezinski still be in the Game? building upon excellent Anon decode

>>4844937 Germany Sanctions Iranian Airline Over Spying Claims

>>4844905 The Head Of Iran’s Air Force Has Warned It Is Ready To “confront” And “eliminate” Israel

>>4844898 Suicide Attack On Kurdish-Us Convoy In Syria Reportedly Kills 5

>>4844894 It’s time for Plan B, as UK’s Theresa May

>>4844822 planfagging continues Australian military landing in Honolulu?

>>4844858, >>4844960 China Security Head Requests Better Emergency Response From Police Ready For “color Revolution”

>>4844849 Lionel Richie’s Son Arrested At Heathrow For ‘threatening To Detonate A Bomb

>>4844825 So Much Lying. But Buzzfeed'S Got The Goods On Shane

>>4844793 First Responder In Skripal Poisoning Turns Out To Be Britain’s Most Senior Military Nurse

>>4844770, >>4844945 MoD's duty to protect against Q fever, (actual fever)

>>4844704 US CENTCOM chief calls on COAS Qamar Bajwa

>>4844695 Ten UN Peacekeepers Killed In A Terrorist Attack In Northern Mali

>>4844693 15 People Have Been Charged In The Flint Water Scandal

>>4844670 America’s Enemies Are Already Using Fake Images To Sow Discontent

>>4844570 Bush Ran a Secret National Security Team as VP

>>4844594 Russia’s Urals City Authorities Warn Against Panic Amid Terror Alert Spam

>>4844565 Gorka Retweets a Q Related Account'S Tweet

>>4844577 Bun Of "Redpilling Stories"

>>4844522, >>4844651, >>4844660 Alabama "secret experiment" story first published by WaPo on December 18

baker change

>>4844281, >>4844293, >>4844388 Tweets: Covington Students Invited To Polish Parliament And Other Reactions

>>4844294 GSK Chairman Hampton To Step Down

>>4844311, >>4844353, >>4844705 Syria Shot Down More Than 30 Israeli Cruise Missiles, Bombs

>>4844320 Potus' Team Sparked Fury With ‘send A Brick’ Campaign Directed At Pelosi And Schumer

>>4844326 Israel "Hit Syria In Response To Iran Missile Fire"

>>4844331 Russian Navy Escorts Us Destroyers That Entered Baltic Sea

>>4844404 Un Trying To Grab Control Of Worldwide Immigration Policies

>>4844997 #6184


>>4843581, >>4843606, >>4843630, >>4843653, >>4843691, >>4843720 Anons' pics of the Eclipse

>>4843746, >>4843756 4 Syrian soldiers killed in Israeli attack

>>4843878 Abramovic in Florence today - Tutti a Palazzo Strozzi

>>4844230 #6183



>>4842817, >>4842877 Updated Alabama “Project Birmingham” mega-bun 1-21-19; NEW LEADS FOR A DIGG

>>4842900 Anon's theory on RBG farming babies from prisons

>>4843030 Top DOJ Official helped keep opioid executives from prison. she's since defended pharma against the government.

>>4842823 KY Prosecutor Fires Warning Shot About Violence Against Covington Catholic HS

>>4843228 Resignations in the news 1/17-1/20/2019 (compiled bun)

>>4843204 Israeli military strikes Iranian targets in Syria

>>4843187 Japanese PM Abe expects peace treaty talks with Putin to be frank

>>4843340 Pompeo could run for Senate next year?

>>4843439 #6183


>>4841987, >>4842055 keeping track of the unortho doxxes, gonna serve em up real good

>>4841976 Another one of the signatures just became active?

>>4842231 super bowl rematch from 17 years ago

>>4842345 Latino Pastor's Support for Trump on Border Goes Unreported

>>4842332 planefaggin

>>4842081, >>4842089 New POTUS tweet

>>4842406, >>4842416 New POTUS tweet 2

>>4842641 #6181


>>4841223 Syria Update

>>4841329, >>4841409, >>4841237 Nicholas Sandman twatter just created re Griffin

>>4841617, >>4841344, >>4841708, >>4841765, >>4841397 moar Keks the bucket

>>4841534, >>4841642 possible money laundering arrests. 4 charged, panama papers investigation

>>4841629, >>4841719 Why "Democratic Vote Harvesting" Will Be The Biggest Topic Of 2020

>>4841552, >>4841565, >>4841620, >>4841651 US Army General Joseph Votel dig

>>4841600 2 days ahead of schedule post connection - FAKE NEWS awards and Rem This Day

>>4841902 #6180

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