6150-6159 LOAF


All 8ch links should be considered NSFW and it is suggested to use a quality VPN as well

https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/4825843.html 59-56

#6159 Baker Change

>>4825175, >>4825549 Pelosi response via BNL twatter "a non-starter", "unacceptable"

>>4825259, >>4825563, >>4825487 Pelosi plan / Trump plan side by side - same thing?

>>4825520 POTUS proposal via dailycaller

>>4825234 Top keks, Potus says Acosta'd (video)

>>4825511 appearance of POTUS :55 in

>>4825518 New Gen Flynn twatter banner

>>4825787 #6159


>>4825021 Wife of missing ex-Interpol chief claims asylum in France.

>>4824917 Cumberland County leads NC in human trafficking charges.

>>4824862 Trump launches hilarious scheme to fill Pelosi and Schumer’s offices with bricks.

>>4824653 Anon makes some observations regarding the Wall cost and this current round of negotiations.

>>4824616 DJT Tweet: Link to speech. (video)

>>4824489 POTUS Schedule: "President Trump delivers remarks on the Humanitarian Crisis on Our Southern Border and the Shutdown."

>>4824437 WH Tweet "I am here to break the logjam and provide Congress with a path forward…"

>>4824419 Anon's notes of POTUS speech.

>>4824431 DJT making the moves necessary for a win.

>>4825053 #6158


>>4824083 US DoD: "Training with our mates from down under!"

>>4823704, >>4823828 Powerful moment to watch these five people become U.S. citizens in the Oval Office.

>>4823785 Anon takes his popcorn serious.

>>4823643 Walkout: Entire cabinet, Prime Minister of Burkina Faso quit en masse.

>>4823627 Anon's observation on DACA.

>>4823626 Impeachment will be good for Trump.

>>4823625 Women's March headed to WH for Border Security Announcement?

>>4824207 #6157


>>4823516 Laura Loomer's play right into the MSM's damage control over the compromised Women's March.

>>4823388 With the POTUS event now scheduled for 4 pm ET, this sets up a 1-year delta to Q562.

>>4823244, >>4823061, >>4823460 Buzzfeed dig.

>>4823388 With the POTUS event now scheduled for 4 pm ET, this sets up a 1-year delta to Q562 Remember This Day.

>>4823287 84,0000 Yellow Vests protesters take to the streets for a 10th week in a row.

>>4823302 Drug offenders targeted in raids across Indy; meth, heroin marijuana seized.

>>4823323 US military says 52 militants killed in Somalia air strike.

>>4823336 Female Marine officer graduates from Scout Sniper Unit Leaders Course.

>>4823203 Figure skater and two-time U.S. pairs champion John Coughlin died Friday at the age of 33, one day after he was suspended from the sport.

>>4823184 US DoD Tweet: "Finding their way!"

>>4823130 U.S. Army Tweet: Do you even lift?

>>4823128 Reagan Foundation Tweet: "Hope you can enjoy a movie on this National Popcorn Day!"

>>4823062, >>4823066 French anon provides updates and video feeds of today's Yellow Jacket protests.

>>4823076 Anon: Brad Parscale 'Send a Brick to Congress' campaign reminds me of the Yellow Brick Road.

>>4822886 Boo the dog featured in 2014 Trump LV promotion. (PB)

>>4822896 A plane from hell made an emergency landing in Russia today after passengers complained they were 'suffocating' and 'turning green'.

>>4822869 POTUS getting the Democrats to refuse a DACA deal twice in one year?

>>4823601 #6156

https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/4822809.html#4823516 55-53


>>4822527 Could POTUS use this procurement to fund the wall?

>>4822652 77-Year-Old Veteran dies alone, hundreds of strangers show up at funeral.

>>4822568 Women's March has a dismal turnout.

>>4822571 God has made our enemies stupid.

>>4822513 New DJT: "I will be live from the White House at 4:00 aP.M."

>>4822204 A brief glimpse into how Brad Parscale shitposted Trump into office. Kek.

>>4822278 NROL-71 spacecraft launch today.

>>4822301, >>4822372 Laura Loomer continues to make us look like idiots.

>>4822142 POTUS Schedule: POTUS to attend the reception and dignified transfer of each flag-draped transfer case from the C-17 to awaiting transport. o7

>>4822119 BlackRock accidentally exposes confidential sales data for thousands of financial advisors.

>>4822804 #6155

#6154 New Baker

>>4821392 EU Backs Financial Punishment for Nations That Reject Progressive Values

>>4821484 Repost of DB Tweets. Focusing on her dog "Chip"

>>4821461 Song from 1971 named "Me and You and a Dog Named Boo" >>4821558, >>4821536, >>4821593 Lyrics

>>4821691 Big Pharma Just Bought Access to Your DNA From Genealogy Company 23andMe

>>4821342, >>4821369 Was Barr bought in to save his own ass cause he knows where the bodies are buried?

>>4821370 Trump expected to propose extending DACA, TPS protections in exchange for wall funding

>>4821392 EU Backs Financial Punishment for Nations That Reject Progressive Values

>>4821410 Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Sends Warning to President Trump

>>4821467 Humans to download their SOULS onto microchips so they can ‘live FOREVER’, transhumanism BS microsoft and co

>>4821485 Pelosi Proposes “Electronic Dogs” to Protect the Border

>>4821673 Israel Began Nuclear Weapons Program Without Telling Gov't, Knesset, Memos Show

>>4822210 #6154


>>4820576 Trump has signed bill to push 5G (see pb notable re israel 5G)

>>4820980 more 5G Israel sauce

>>4820608, >>4820884, >>4820815 speech moved to 16:00

>>4820852 Q post 561 [4am] talking points

>>4820916 BRIDGE Act notes (axios)

>>4820919 House Dems add $1 billion in border spending to reopen government

>>4820862, >>4820632 Twatter collab of the possible coded ones

>>4820733, >>4820750 Twatter algorithm is DOWN ?

>>4821150 Kenya police arrest wife, father of hotel suicide bomber

>>4821125 29 day shutdown on 01/19/2019 for the numbersfags

>>4821077 Sen. Ernst Proposes Legislation to keep Lawmakers in DC during Shutdowns

>>4821270 #6153

https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/4820502.html#4820608 51-50

#6152 Baker Change

>>4819931 Moar winning from daily caller 50% of latino adults approve of our presidente

>>4819870 POTUS schedule update

>>4820370, >>4820082, >>4819852, >>4819222 (lb) lots of 9s and 19s noted by anons

>>4819911, >>4820401, >>4820457, >>4820447 Donna Brazile a dog named BOO dead, anons thinking code

>>4819983 Maggie Haberman also twitposting about dead dog

>>4819774 Airstrikes in Syria killed 200 ISIS fighters last week

>>4819780 ; >>4819841 Live coverage of Paris yellow vest protests

>>4819933, >>4820291 Planefaggin

>>4819950 ; >>4819959 ; >>4819997 POTUS in Dover, DE

>>4820047 On Ron DeSantis kicking ass in FL

>>4820297, >>4820244, >>4820326 5G not allowed in Israel? (could use a bit more sauce)

>>4820354 bot farms found, #presidentPelosi

>>4820485 #6152


>>4818991 Committee Outlines Regulations For Release Of Special Counsel Reports

>>4819049 Many People Are Saying That The Mainstream Media Will Have A Very Hard Time Restoring Credibility

>>4819108 U.S. Prosecutors Charge Several In Global Sex Trafficking Ring

>>4819145 Kellyanne tweeting “BOOM-ER-ANG”

>>4819161 ; >>4819697 Planefag Updates

>>4819165 New DJT

>>4819574 Alabama mayor convicted of voter fraud

>>4819640 POTUS on country for NK meeting

>>4819825 #6151


>>4818237 Vatican, Kasper: The Enemies Of The Pope Demand A New Conclave

>>4818204, >>4818591, >>4818774, >>4818856, >>4818904 ABC Thousands March In Brussels Over Climate Change Anon Questions

>>4818239, >>4818645, >>4818727 Does Brazile Tweet About Dead Dog Mean RBG is Dead?

>>4818455, >>4818484 Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee Stands Up For Rapist

>>4818206, >>4818494 Possible Serial Rapist Caught

>>4818499 Speaker Pelosi Spotted at Reagan Airport – Flees DC as Trump Stays at White House

>>4818501 Yellow Vest protests finally getting MSM coverage

>>4818576, >>4818593 Iran’s regime losing hope in Europe, concerned over Warsaw conference

>>4818647, >>4818673, >>4818649 POTUS Is Telling Them- You Crash The Economy, That'S TREASON.

>>4818668 Show Me The Data: The Pentagon’s Two-Pronged AI Plan

>>4818812 Oxford Suspends Funding From Huawei

>>4818876 Philippines turns over to Beijing ex-Chinese gov’t official wanted for graft

>>4818892 Senate Intelligence Committee subpoenas Jerome Corsi

>>4818900 Susie Dawson from New Zealand outlines the Five Eyes Go Around that Obama used

>>4818950 #6150

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