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6130-6139 LOAF 39-36


#6139 Baker Change

>>4810277 New DJT - major announcement on popcorn saturday

>>4810150 POTUS letter to NP today, re abortion

>>4809902, >>4810119, >>4810271 new GWB IG, delivers pizza to SS (keystone spotted)

>>4810131 GWB has dropped the dimes! anon theory

>>4809777 17 seconds into POTUS' tweeted video, video attached

>>4809842 Q Clock update - rr crumbs

>>4809823 Caravan Update, New Caravan enters mexico (update and links)

>>4809927 some notes on todays JW - $184.587.81 Pelosi trip

>>4810124 Pelosi spotted at Reagan Int - looks like its inflight booze time

>>4810380 Police arrest Toronto man, possible large sex traff ring

>>4809820, >>4810056 panefaggin

>>4809612 ‘Fortnite’ has become a money laundering paradise.

>>4809596 No press briefings from Sarah Sanders?

>>4809446 Anon: Correlation between DJT's tweet and Q's description of evil deeds?

>>4809014 Filed under 'oh no': POTUS claims he didn't know Barr was best friends with Mueller.

>>4809216 FLOTUS with the graceful troll.

>>4809178 Marketfag points to unusual volume.

>>4809161 GWB delivers pizzas to federal personnel.

>>4809029 A Federal appeals court just took a big swing at Planned Parenthood.

>>4808803 POTUS winning: China offers to ramp up US imports.

>>4808613 Son of Joe Biden working for Burisma. (Ukraine)

>>4808496 US DoD: "Save time and refuel while you fly!"

>>4808405, >>4808444 Democrat shutdown show continues to draw in audiences.

>>4808312 Continued Pelosi cave dig.

>>4808277 Another RBG obligation being pushed down the road.

>>4808258 Anon: NP's cancelled trip not like her past overseas visits.

>>4808254 Brad Parscale: "The orders are flying in. Might hit our goal fastest ever!"

>>4808126 Gen. Dunford receives decoration in the Netherlands for his service towards international peace and security.

>>4807966 Drug companies used shortages, recalls to hike prices as much as 1,137 percent, report finds.

>>4807947 Popcorn to hand: EU braces for Brexit.

>>4807775, >>4807882 Nationwide gang of serial killers?

>>4807896, >>4808046 WH: Trump-Kim summit to take place near February.

>>4807722 Michael Cohen shows up with black eye and arm in sling after report comes out.

>>4807619 US to buy two Iron Dome batteries as first part of $1.7b missile defense project.

>>4807607 Gov. DeSantis suspends Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher.

>>4807542 Anon suggests digging around caves and tunnels in California.

>>4807508 MSM trying to spin witness intimidation narrative around Cohen / Trump?

>>4807484 ; >>4807495 US patents for mind control devices. 35-32


>>4806703 Mexico opens border for new migrant caravan

>>4806721 Start of dig on Broward Human Trafficking Coalition

>>4806743 UK May refuses to continue Brexit talks w/opposition party leaders

>>4806756 Doug Costle, EPA founder and former top admin, dies

>>4806796 Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac regulator discussing plan to end conservatorship

>>4806807 Top Hussein WH lawyer made false statements to DOJ re: Manafort-related work

>>4806855 More on the Pelosi wine caves

>>4806860 NJ man indicted on cp charges

>>4806972 POTUS announcing pro-life declaration at March For Life

>>4807117 FBI probing possible Chinese real estate developer bribes to Los Angeles officials

>>4807213 More data re: Pelosi/scumbags flying on US military’s dime

>>4807278 On March For Life attendees and MSM failing to report correct numbers

>>4805937 One year delta on “where is AS”

>>4805943 ; >>4806239 Happy Popcorn Day!

>>4805946 ; >>4806493 Planefag Updates

>>4805977 ; >>4805999 On vineyards, caves, Pelosi, and DJT tweets

>>4805992 ; >>4806092 WH shutting down Congressional travels w/o direct approval

>>4806111 (w/vid: >>4806123 ) New DJT

>>4806170 ; >>4806478 ; >>4806508 NK talks moving forward

>>4806178 Review of Q crumbs from last year

>>4806361 Report on industrial companies boosting recent Wall Street gains

>>4805187, >>4805337 Shock Poll: Trump Gains 19 Points with Latino Voters During Border Wall Shutdown

>>4805262, >>4805304 NP cancels Afganistan Commercial flight "after" POTUS declas. Fake News spinning hard.

>>4805367, >>4805388, >>4805395 New POTUS twats, Never seen the Republican party so unified. No "CAVE". America First! MAGA.

>>4805405 Chris Matthews: Trump’s Letter to Pelosi Made Democrats ‘Look Like Fools’

Baker Change

>>4804355 Vidya of Pelosi flyin on her broomstick. For keks.

>>4804360, >>4804487, >>4804548 Buzzfeed at it again, Cohen and "real" estate edition. Who leaked this time? NO EVIDENCE.

>>4804404, >>4804445, >>4804700 POTUS Tweet and info, people working on farms (grapes) will have easy access in! Ref to NP's vineyard?

>>4804428 OMB (Mick Mulvaney) issues guidence on Reduction in Force layoffs. PAIN coming?

>>4804393 Perspective: The Wall = $57 dollars out of annual budget of $44,000.

>>4804479 Anon puts together healthy dose of research on January habbenings.

>>4804712 Industrial output increases as Auto Plant Production Surges

>>4804765 Nancy has her own Pay to Play.


>>4803627 Here's A Potential Proof That The 11:11PM POTUS Tweet, DARKNESS TO LIGHT Marker.

>>4803629 A Wall Americans Paid For

>>4803687 The Metropolitan Museum Of Art Is Reviewing Its Gift Acceptance Policies

>>4803711, >>4803789, >>4803848, >>4803872 Who knows what [Subversion] she had planned for this trip

>>4803722, >>4803751, >>4803729, >>4803770 ‘Sky Canvas’ satellite aiming to create Earth’s 1st artificial meteor shower

>>4803723, >>4803752 Theresa May, Donald Trump And Emmanuel Macron To Skip Davos Summit

>>4803930, >>4803931, >>4803940, >>4803987 Seriously? CHEMTRAILS mentioned in a HOUSE BILL?!

>>4803954 Claims to be the (Largest) producer of "Licit" Opium derivatives.

^^Baker Change^^

>>4804022 Malaysia To Goldman: Pay Us $7.5 Billion And We Will Drop 1MDB Charge. Economic hitmen finally charged?

>>4804180 New POTUS tweet. People coming across the border from many countries.

>>4802844, >>4802849 Space Preservation Act of 2001

>>4802868, >>4803004, >>4803087, >>4803155, >>4803230, >>4803292 Some Initial Digs On Resigning Rep. Tom Marino R-PA 12th

>>4802870, >>4803006 Prince Philip crash video reveals aftermath of Duke’s collision

>>4802984, >>4803030, >>4803502, >>4803482 How Many Normies Get The Implications Of POTUS Cancelling Pelosi / Schiff Trip?

>>4803026, >>4803040, >>4803145 Relevance of a Cyber Security and Cyber Warfare Course

>>4803257 UK Authorities Censure RT Revealing Policy To Keep Alternative Voices Out Of MSM. RT's Response

>>4803308 Facebook Removed Hundreds Of Russia-Initiated Accounts

>>4803323 21 Dead In Car Bomb Attack On Colombian Police Academy

>>4803375, >>4804102 EU Foreign-Policy Chief Federica Mogherini Was Scheduled To Meet U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

>>4803402, >>4803470 Google's 'Project Dragonfly' Censored Search Engine Triggers Protests

>>4803504 Oleg’s ‘Sparrow’ Anastasia Vashukevich Arrested In Moscow

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