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>>4802104 Cap: Taxpayers paid for Pelosi's in-flight 'food and booze' in 2010

>>4802316 773 Million Emails, 21 Million Passwords Leaked in ‘Largest Breach Ever’

>>4802586 Maggie Haberman tweet: Judicial Crisis Network ready for "new nominations, in light of uncertainties surrounding SCOTUS"

>>4802618, >>4802588, >>4802671, >>4802681, >>4802684 Video: POTUS on missile defense, hinting we took out the Iranian rocket?

>>4802722 Members of congress on 'the Bus to Nowhere'

>>4802742 “Der Spiegel” associates US Ambassador in Germany with Neo-Nazis

>>4801298 Infographic on important dates

>>4801313, >>4801386, >>4801472, >>4801521, >>4801694 Anon's theory on Pelosi and the NK delegation

>>4801315 Anon on Turkish backed fighters arrested for Manbij attack

>>4801323 Caravan Update

>>4801333 Steny Hoyer and Rand Paul Could Become Shutdown Heroes

>>4801335, >>4801448, >>4801644, >>4801678, >>4801754 Dig on PA House Speaker Karen Coates who died

>>4801342 List of real life shills: "Qanon debunker club"

>>4801416 North Korean, Iranian Missiles Remain a Significant Concern for USA

>>4801443 @jack says he would 'certainly talk about' removing Trump if the president ever tweeted a violent threat

>>4801450 Capitalized "YOU" side by side

>>4801478 Buzzfeed article on the allegations against POTUS

>>4801583, >>4801756, >>4801784 American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2019

>>4801694 Crumbs from 1/19/18

>>4801788, >>4801800, >>4801822 Sara Carter Reveals New Dossier Bombshell Exposing Obama’s DOJ

#6127 Baker Change

>>4800575, >>4800857 Side by side on Pelosi not 'boarding a plane'

>>4800688 Trump Greeted at Pentagon with Standing Ovation, MAGA Hat

>>4800691 New deputy national security advisor served on board of anti-Muslim group for nearly a decade

>>4800695, >>4800777, >>4801022 Kim Yong Chol & his NK delegation arriving in Washington

>>4800725 Anon on attacks against Tucker

>>4800729 Chinese Teen Who Sold Kidney for an iPhone Is Now Bedridden for Life

>>4800812 Fifth Circuit Ruling Dismantles Planned Parenthood Talking Points

>>4800872 Payseur in the 1860 Census

>>4801085 US Puts Intl Security at Risk Claiming Russia Provided Missile Tech to N Korea

>>4801109 FBI Team Arrives In Manbij To Investigate Attack On American Troops

>>4799929 tommorrow is 1 year delta of Q 540 - Big News Day

>>4800072 tomorrow last year anon graphic (jan 18 2017)

>>4799899, >>4800338, >>4788163 (pb) Barr wrote an opinion on it while he was Asst. AG

>>4799841 2 days ahead of schedule - We are with YOU/fighting for YOU

>>4800081 anon does POTUS tweet decode, leads to car bomb blast in Columbia (anon theory)

>>4799989 jihadist sought to attack white house post

>>4799907, >>4799862, >>4800048, >>4799556, >>4800285, >>4800314 Payseur and "the Master" related digs

>>4800098 Begging to End. Posted last year on Jan 18th

>>4800166, >>4800444, >>4800076 possible maggie/wendy decoded/coded msg


>>4799225, >>4799184 2 scoops for smobserved on RBG

>>4799231 notable resignation

>>4799251, >>4799297 why did POTUS include Egypt?

>>4799401 Old Judicial Watch

>>4799236, >>4799582 possible satire, Don’t mess w Nancy (ice cream for breakfast)

>>4799580 Senate GOP eyes rules change for speedy noms

>>4799367 chatter of SB security from shutdown

#6124 Baker Change

>>4798290 Japan Govt Decides to Revise Cybersecurity Guidelines

>>4798251 Graham releases statement condemning both Pelosi and Trump’s actions

>>4798243 Dark to Light: Total Lunar Eclipse Meets Supermoon Sunday Night

>>4798260 POTUS Video from Cabinet twatter

>>4798532 Upper eschelon insider trading

>>4798684 larp bun, anons decipher some coords dropped

>>4798636 Clockfag update, re-read crumbs

>>4798484 Pelosi getting staked out RN

>>4798904 POTUS Press twatter - RBG to retire

>>4798098 Video of Schiff getting off the Pelosi bus

>>4798005 Transcript of Pompeo's speech in Cairo

>>4797826 Two child rapists caught entering US with illegal migrant caravan

>>4797825 A decode of "p = c" and cabal top tier hierarchy

>>4797788 Reports: RBG now 'fighting for her life' with pneumonia

>>4797752 23 Famous Obama Quotes which turned into Broken Promises Or Cold-Hearted Lies

>>4797687 War on BDS: How AIPAC-Israel agenda became US priority

>>4797686 Leading authority on vaccines details the use of aborted babies in vaccines while under oath

>>4797667 Bases, Bases Everywhere… Except in the Pentagon’s Report

>>4797591 Statement from Pelosi's office

>>4797578 Fast Food capitalized = FF = False Flag?

>>4797539 Amnesty International’s troubling collaboration with UK & US intelligence

>>4797515 , >>4797519 Resignations from 1/16/2019

>>4797500 Does this video have a vital clue to Heather O’Rourke’s killer? Dig call

>>4797567 , >>4797812, >>4797963 Anon thoughts re Pelosi's trip

>>4797491 Arrests made in Oregon for sex trafficking ring spanning 3 countries

>>4797492 , >>4797628, >>4797648, >>4797806 Anon thoughts re Egypt


#6122 Baker change

>>4797230 No Wall, No Deal: McConnell Blocks THIRD Government Funding Bill

>>4797097 POTUS said Pelosi's delegation were going to Egypt, but the delegation didn't

>>4796854 Foreign Assistance Examples from year 2018 for Egypt, Afghanistan & Brussels

>>4796838 Possible link found between exposure to household chemical and heart disease and cancer

>>4796809 The Pelosis purchased Visa shares at $44, two days later they were trading at $64

>>4796797 WTF was Hussein up to today? FF_Averted? Dig

>>4796794 New POTUS_Schedule

>>4796776 Lindsey Graham: Trump's decision to cancel Pelosi's trip is "inappropriate."

>>4796769 The Latest: Schiff Berates Trump for Disclosing Warzone Trip

>>4796766 , >>4796819 Trump Cancels US Delegation to Davos World Economic Forum

>>4796739 , >>4796878, >>4796900 Sergeant-At-Arms for the House disembarking the bus?

>>4796722 , >>4796731 POTUS Campaign contribution email. Panic in DC

>>4796719 , >>4797315 Why Egypt? Egypt === Muslim Brotherhood?

>>4796717 Various side by sides

>>4796712 New GOP Rules Limit Participation for Indicted House Members

>>4796702 , >>4796955 The cost of Pelosi's in-flight food and booze ←——- viral worthy

>>4796699 Acosta: Trump pleased with the letter coverage so far

>>4795872 Planefag: More flights to Gitmo?

>>4795884 Pelosi's luggage sitting in Capitol Hill.

>>4795911, >>4795934 Syria update.

>>4795940 Milley spoke at the 311th ILW Breakfast yesterday and mentioned the "Last 17 years" of depleted readiness of the forces.

>>4795971 Dana Perino vid shortened clip - cunt of the country.

>>4796000 97 year old (Prince Philip) T-boned in a car accident; walks away unscathed.

>>4796017 Pelosi: Forget the wall, let's fund ports of entry instead.

>>4796174, >>4796455 POTUS schedule updates

>>4796179 House Democratic Leaders Squash Attempt By Fellow Party Members To Punish Steve King More Severely

>>4796204 Marino resigns House seat for private sector job

>>4796328 Schitt bitching at Trump for disclosing warzone trip

>>4796332 Clinton Judge Orders State to Pay for Sex-Change Surgery of Inmate Who Sexually Abused Child

>>4796363 Update on RBG, has pnuemonia

>>4796392 Etsy prohibiting Pepe related items

>>4796412 Top Obama White House Lawyer Made False Statements To DOJ About Manafort-Related Work

>>4795505 Q proof & more: Space next warfare frontier and push for space based missile defense.

>>4795156 Macron and Merkel are going to sign a new treaty on January 22nd. (trty = treaty?)

>>4795714 POTUS Schedule update. POTUS/VPOTUS travel linked to NP trip cancellation?

>>4795676 Angel Mom calls out the hypocrisy of the Democrats.

>>4795546 Dana Perino 'cunt' slip up. (top kek)

>>4795593 US Attorney John Durham is the other "prosecutor (outside of DC) assigned by SESSIONS w/ the same mandate/authority" Q alluded to?

>>4795212 Anon: Do not give up.

>>4795539 Did POTUS throw a wrench into the DS plans in the ME?

>>4795519 5G is a depopulation weapon?

>>4795341 Schiff exiting the bus.

>>4795284 PHOTOS: Democrats stuck on bus after Donald Trump cancels foreign trip.

>>4795193 Law firm lobbying for Ukraine retroactively registered with FARA.

>>4795172 JW uncovers new documents detailing Pelosi’s use of Air Force aircraft for her family in 2010.

>>4795158 Key Justice Department officials, including Mueller deputy, knew about dossier.

>>4795144 Saturn's young rings and rotating core.

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