>>4794914 Kek: Tomorrow is ours.

>>4794974 Bruce Ohr testimony undercuts Adam Schiff’s defense of FBI.

>>4794963 Feinstein spy scandal ignored, while Dems attack Trump.

>>4794938 Lawsuit claims Sheila Jackson lee fired a staffer to cover up a rape.

>>4794922 Israeli forces raid Al-Aqsa compound (video)

>>4794920 State Department orders staff to return to work during shutdown.

>>4794896 Senate GOP and Wall Street enjoying the show as well.

>>4794873 Pelosi: Egyptian NGO crisis a ‘bump in the road.

>>4794834 Trial witness claims ‘El Chapo’ gave Mexico’s ex-president $100 million bribe.

>>4794822 Crying to Mom when Dad grounds you.

>>4794778 WH still sending its' delegation to Switzerland. Patriots in control.

>>4794751 POTUS cancelling all congressional trips to ensure lawmakers are in the country for negotiations.

>>4794731 Rep. Tom Marino, R-Pa.resigning.

>>4794626 Schiff on the bus?

>>4794371, >>4794846 Pelosi and crew avoiding the embarrassment of the cameras?

>>4794487 Ivy League schools being sued for their anti-male bias.

>>4794478 Ukraine FARA settlement with the DOJ.

>>4794396 Acosta reads out POTUS letter on CNN. Kek!

>>4795030 #6119

#6118 Baker Change

>>4794240 NP met with Saudi Ambassador a day before his disappearance.

>>4794172 Twitter analysis: How POTUS dictates the theme and frame of his arguments.

>>4794062 AOC: Too perfect to be real.

>>4794079 Ukraine power cut 'was cyber-attack' - BBC News.

>>4793680 OAN is running a live ticker on costs of illegal immigation.

>>4794092 Lt. Gen. Michael Garrett nominated to lead FORSCOM.

>>4793710, >>4793838 The fallout from POTUS' well timed troll.

>>4793836 The Wall to be equipped with Tesla death rays?

>>4793785 Catholic Church to hold a worldwide abuse summit.

>>4793681 The implications of Nancy's itinerary.

>>4793636, >>4794119 9 Dead, Over 50 Injured in car bomb explosion in Colombian police school.

>>4793591, >>4793591, >>4793601, >>4793612 Failure to fly: Nancy's rug swept out from underneath her.

>>4794296 #6118


>>4792793, >>4792793, >>4793098, >>4792919 Digg re: Hussein Bday pic

>>4793261 WH statement: 163 Sen. nominations to replace gov. positions

>>4793039, >>4793298 Prince Phillip uninjured in crash, is @CNN signalling?

>>4792865, >>4793290 IMF: Malta’s crypto asset plan = money laundering risks

>>4793070, >>4793175 DOJ/State ordered to reopen muh emails, CF mo' imortant?

>>4793042, >>4793050, >>4793062 @ChadPergram on House "dust-up" re: re-open

>>4792847 CPB Nabs another sex offender @border (b-b-but Muh Ports-of-Entry)

>>4792843 Oklahoma Dept. of Securities leaked Millions of Files

>>4792839, >>4792896 UK: City worker suicide-jumped from 4th floor, injured

>>4792826, >>4792887 Lebanese Intel. Nab US Suspect Of Infiltrating fr Israel

>>4792820, >>4792975 Pelosi digs in re: SOTU; POTUS: D's hijacked by fringe

>>4793521 #6117


>>4792544, >>4792612, >>4792735 Hussein's "bestie" Valerie Jarrett's book

>>4792667 Ed. Secty Betsy DeVos in wheelchair while recovering fr broken hip

>>4792645 Congressional Resignation: GOP Tom Marino, for public sector job

>>4792471, >>4792585 Calif. paper reported RBG now has Pneumonia? Oh noes!

>>4792550 General Info on WEA (Wireless Emergency Alerts)

>>4792326, >>4792703 Anons discuss whether/how long POTUS groomed for the GA

>>4792189 Digg on Corrupt Fla. Pastor, 2017 molest'n 4yo, connects to elites

>>4792294, >>4792435, >>4792347, >>4792546 Anon decodes re: Hussein Bday twat

^^Baker change^^

>>4792020, >>4792083 Trump announces new ground based interceptors in Alaska, radars, sensors 'to shield every city'

>>4792039 Over 770 million email addresses shared online in largest data breach in history

>>4792057 Soros-Backed St. Louis Circuit Attorney REFUSES to Charge Dealer with 1,000 Opiate Pills and $30K

>>4792131 Michael Cohen Admits He Paid to Rig Drudge Polls

>>4792371 GOP Rep. Tom Marino resigns from Congress

>>4792381 Trudeau hammered on twitter over BDS

^^Baker Assist^^

>>4792986 #6116

#6115 ebake, new temp baker quick bake'

>>4791562 Identities of FBI Agent A (Robert Gibbs) and Campaign Spy Person A (Mike Rogers)

>>4791786, >>4791619, >>4791820 photo drop (could be nothing)

>>4791506 incoming baker - needs a notables fix due to post number error

>>4791357 This FOIA request was denied in Jan. of 2016. post references skykings

>>4791267 maggie RT - giuliani

>>4791307 there is something special about The Standard.

>>4791939 #6115


>>4790412 “Radicalized” MKU numpty planned to storm WH with RPG launcher

>>4790477 Merkel and Macron to sign treaty in Aachen

>>4790524 Sara A. Carter: DOJ officials who warned that Steele dossier was Clinton disinfo are senior prosecutors on Mueller’s special counsel

>>4790579 New DJT

>>4790586 Bloomberg Terminal system goes down ahead of US market open

>>4790730 US to launch spy satellite on Saturday

>>4790848 Pelosi ties to FARA, APCO, Mexican cartels

>>4791163 #6114


>>4789703 Corbyn Blasts May Brexit Talks ‘stunt’, As Activists Applaud New Referendum Talk

>>4789719 Iran, Cuba To Bolster Economic, Medical Cooperation

>>4789684, >>4789711, >>4789727, >>4789738 Anon Drops Notable Graphics

>>4789759 President Donald Trump's Former Fixer…. Another Story Demonstrating Cohan Was A Plant

>>4789765 A Canadian Kidnapped In Burkina Faso On Tuesday Has Been Found Dead

>>4789781 Zimbabwean Doctors Said On Thursday They Had Treated Nearly 70 People For Gunshot Wounds

>>4789787 Italy Anon On Why The Houses Are Cheap

>>4789801 Turkey Deports Dutch Journalist, Alleges Link To AL Qaeda Offshoot

>>4789861 Article(S) On The Information From The Caller That Was Hushed By Rush

>>4789875, >>4789976 Ocasio Cortez Mom Blanca Shares A Florida Address With A Rothschild

>>4789893 Ex-Macron Bodyguard Benalla In Custody Over Use Of Diplomatic Passports

>>4790048 New DJT

>>4790088 Russian billionaire Deripaska suing Communist party leader for defamation

>>4790113 Report on FBI data leak: emails, soc. sec. info, etc.

>>4790332 #6113


>>4788854, >>4788939 The Swamp Is Fighting Back Hard In Finland Too

>>4788888 This Is Where MH370 Crashed’: Fisherman Claims He Saw Plane Go Down

>>4788940, >>4788960 Terrorist Shot By Police In Fountain Hills, AZ

>>4788953 After Crossing Into Guatemala, Migrants Set Sights On Mexico

>>4788964 Suspected Terror Plot To 'Destroy' White House Tomorrow

>>4789099 Italian Town Of Sambuca In Sicily Sells Homes For A Dollar

>>4789121, >>4789138, >>4789528 Suspected Gas Explosion Rocks University In Lyon, France (Video)

>>4789173 Bruce Ohr Testimony Shows Politically Motivated Doj And FBI Ignored Warnings

>>4789241 Hitachi Freezes Uk Nuclear Project As Brexit Crisis Deepens

>>4789288 Massive Oklahoma Government Data Leak Exposes 7 Years Of FBI Investigations

>>4789301 German Law Enforcement Has Conducted A Nation-Wide Operation Against A Far-Right Group

>>4789302, >>4789330 Please Listen To This Video And Listen To The Caller That Was Just About To Spill The Beans

>>4789329, >>4789345 Powerful Blast At Russian Chemical Plant Caught On

>>4789442 Incoming Pakistan Chief Justice Opens New Era For Powerful Court

>>4789597 #6112


>>4788131 Greg Pence: VP and his wife are not anti-LGBT

>>4788163, >>4788170 Anon: POTUS can give SOTU address officially and formally is he so chooses

>>4788192 Is POTUS the new Lincoln?

>>4788265 GAA Update "Callsign ANON" Edition

>>4788316 What Obama Fed the National Championship Football Team in 2010

>>4788385 Democrats Ready Hearings On “Rightwing Extremism”

>>4788448 May calls on all parties to work constructively to forward Brexit

>>4788469, >>4788523 North Korean official makes Beijing stopover on way to Washington

>>4788485 LEAKED secret blacklist reveals that Google is altering Youtube results to hide anti-abortion videos

>>4788569, >>4788617 Chinese said their plants on the Moon were growing, aaaannndd they're gone

>>4788592 Anon's decode of the fake WaPo article

>>4788789, >>4788795, >>4788798, >>4788799 "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars"

>>4788813 #6111

#6110 Baker Change

>>4787327 Papadopoulos Told Congress That FBI Asked Him To Spy On Mystery Professor At Center Of Collusion Probe

>>4787369 Dig on Camille Francois Analysis Director at Graphika

>>4787378 Fake Washington Post copies announcing Trump's resignation handed out in Washington, DC

>>4787474 Trump Prepares Case for Funding New Missile Defense Plan

>>4787512, >>4787534 FINALLY MSM covers Yellow Vests. Who else would step up but Tucker?

>>4787541 Gillibrand Reverses Position on Drivers’ Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants

>>4787726 Another South Dakota Plane Crash

>>4787780 Chinese claim their stealth jet is "overwhelmingly superior" to the F35

>>4787793 Pelosi Never Contacted the USSS For Security Plan Before Canceling Trump Speech

>>4787861 The Secret Logistics of America’s Global Deep State

>>4787905 R Kelly's studio was raided

>>4788025 #6110


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