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#6109 Baker change

>>4787194 BB re Rudy on CNN: Never said 'no collusion' said Trump didn't collude

>>4787128 Anon compiles big ole list of whitehouse petitions, incl to remove NP

>>4786760 Anon graphs Q drops per month (incomplete)

>>4787150 TGP: Ohr Warned Top FBI re: Steele Dossier B4 Initial FISA Warrant

>>4787054, >>4787088 Twat slam on Romney, the Animated Corpse of Republican Past

>>4787024 FFS, Mass. Rep(D) Paul McMurtry Accused of Groping Incoming Lawmaker

>>4786886 Q-clock type analysis on Pelosi's "Housecleaning"

>>4786984 2-days-ahead possible proof: Q's "Blunt and Direct," POTUS & Barr

>>4786726 NYT: Would-be WH attacker IDEN'd as Terrorist Hasher Jallal Taheb

>>4786700 Sarah Sanders's Based Dad Trolls I-Identify-As Nutjobs on Twatter

>>4786697 U.S. investigating Huawei for alleged trade secret theft: WSJ

>>4786643 Graphic: Updated Timing is Everying Q proof, another 9:45 connection

>>4786567 FINALLY MSM covers Yellow Vests. Who else would step up but Tucker?

>>4786567 BB: Feeling Replaced Yet? U.S. Anchor Babies 2X Wyoming's population

>>4785879, >>4785887, >>4785890 resignations in the news

>>4785838 Large Releases of Chaff Over Several States Seen on Radar (

>>4786104, >>4786094 Bid to keep U.S. sanctions on Russia's Rusal fails in Senate

>>4786054 DHS, Secret Service backhand Pelosi over ‘security concerns’

>>4786171 new court filing from Mueller - manafort, kilimnik

>>4785915 planefagging prime95 back ( >>4786383 prime95 speculatory/chatter bun)

>>4786013 (C17) Callsign ANON (this was prime95)


>>4785002 Benjamin Netanyahu received approval from Trump before a massive intelligence mission last year (breitbart)

>>4785017 Internal discussions from Google indicate that the search giant is “manually” curating blacklists

>>4785372 Tuxker discussions re Google Blacklist for “controversial” YT queries

>>4785033 Claim: Rogue CIA Stages Terrorist Attack Killing 4 U.S. Soldiers in Syria to Prevent Pull-out

>>4785045 Paul Whelan update (RT)

>>4785065, >>4785186, >>4785229, >>4785424 Ocasio Cortez Mother Blanca - Rothschild shares a FL address

>>4785141 NK envoy to carry letter from KJU to DJT

>>4785115 Judge Postpones Nxivm Trial Until April 29th

>>4785095 Maggie RT nice pic, POTUS

>>4785321 Barr made some big promises to Lindsey Graham

>>4785318 Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway: NASA's Proposed Lunar Space Station

>>4785647, >>4785618 Cargo Plane crash, because pullout

>>4785018, >>4785046, >>4785520, >>4785520 planefagging, callsign ANON >>4785018 → PRIME95 >>4785580

>>4784213, >>4784207 Sara Carter ohr testimony shocks lawmakers top doj officials knew about steele in 2016

>>4784392 Clockfag update for the night shift re-read crumbs

>>4784454, >>4784455, >>4784582 Sheila jackson lee retaliated against a staffer re black caucus news rape accusation

>>4784471, >>4784404 another Sperry: LG "Special Counsel Robert Mueller's office will "leak" final report ?

>>4784211, >>4784583, >>4784618 SOTU straight to you ?

>>4784711 Lara trump coming up on Hannity

>>4784679 Congress gettin paid right now, big bucks

>>4784412 planefagging

#6105 Baker Change

>>4783461 Was fbianon strzok or page because no texts from 06/18/-12/14/2016 (anons theory pb bun >>4783536)

>>4783478, >>4783497 Bongino on theory Simpson wrote the Steele Dossier

>>4783475, >>4783579 natural born requires 2 citizen parents (contd)

>>4783495 For The First Time Ever, Wall Street Banks Top $100 Billion In Profit

>>4783644, >>4784046 Flowchart on soros and the caravans (anon flowchart, moar sauce welcomed)

>>4783628 pic on mainstream media of DS pervertions

>>4783700 Fitton, >>4783701 Sperry - kek has spoken - happenings incoming

>>4783750 Another Sperry re: Barr

>>4783551 US Lawmakers Introduce Bipartisan Bills Targeting China’s Huawei

>>4783816, >>4783819 fresh Sara Carter&John Solomon - DOJ official warned Steele dossier was connected to Clinton

>>4784063, >>4784072 is US Attorney John Durham is the other prosecutor

>>4783811, >>4784000, >>4784001 planefagging including E4 doomsday

>>4782750 "Ambrosia" young-blood transfusion start-up now up and running

>>4783086 Video Lectures link to Berder Island Machine Learning Summer School

>>4783100 WaEx: Beto-male O'Rourke imagines he has higher T than our Constitution

>>4782727 Anon decode: 'erd'/hamberders & 'FF'/Fast Food → Erdogan False Flag?

>>4782704, >>4782723, >>4782872, >>4782997 Anons on the value of dissemination

>>4782659, >>4782779, >>4783040 Anons on Kamala Harris's citizenship & Pres qualifications

>>4782650 Jack Bogle, founder of Vanguard Grp & creator of the index fund, dies @89

>>4782647 Anon on Tlaib twat: Alex, I'll take "Things that didn't happen" for $500..

>>4782411, >>4782575 Georgia man suspected of WH attack plot is arrested

>>4782489 Iranian PressTV’s Marzieh Hashemi arrested Sun @ St. Louis Airport

>>4782333 Purdue Evil? Said Oxy Rx "blizzard will be deep, dense & white"

>>4782187, >>4782362, >>4782441, >>4782530, >>4782556 LOBO203 cont' + weird call sign

>>4782244, >>4782268, >>4782282, >>4782314 Planefags' B-52's shadowin' each other

>>4782060 Re: shutdown, Government Employee Fair Treatment Act of 2019

>>4782046 HRC twats shutdown puts domestic violence shelters on the nix list

>>4782005 TGP: (((RBG))) cancels Feb 6 I'view w/Carlisle Grp's (((David Rubenstein)))

>>4781977 Joe Manchin MSNBC I'view: Pelosi ‘Wrong’ to Disinvite POTUS fr SOTU

>>4781959 Graphic: Timing is Everything, 1 yr delta SOTU Q proof (2 days > schedge)

>>4781886 Poll: Americans OK Syria/Afghanistan Exit, widespread "war-weariness"

>>4781867 Noble Sen. Mendendez demand GEOTUS/Czar Vlad interpreter records

>>4781691 Israel Nukes: DOJ argues secrecy to cover up wrongdoing permissible

>>4781658 MX not sending their best, unless near $1mil in coke/meth counts

>>4781511 Steve Scalise calls out #ShutdownNancy

>>4781506 Further diggin' on pb's (#6099) Jason Spindler

>>4781168, >>4781375, >>4781499 Moar planfaggin' incl LOBO203 fr Little Rock

>>4781163, >>4781188, >>4781367 Updates on Syria and Turkey fuggery

>>4781159, >>4781166 MSM wants you to believe AG-Nom Barr will take your guns

>>4781148, >>4781164 The search for Berder leads continues

>>4781126 Fear the shutdown! Fear it we say! (FUD over food inspection)

>>4781103, >>4781121, >>4781293 OIG GSA: POTUS PO lease ignored Constitution

>>4780881 Moar diggin' on France's Berder Island & Ronan Berder

>>4780713 Planefaggin': AZAZ0909 flight headed towards ATL

>>4780718, >>4780745 PapaD: EpochTimes on Oct2017 testimony & Anon suspicions

>>4780334, >>4780370, >>4780384 Anons on Rush L's shutdown of shutdown talk

>>4780329 Anon reminds us why it's best not to respond to obvs shills

>>4780326, >>4780608 National Emergency Act Updated. Interdasting.

>>4780319, >>4780356, >>4780480 Graphic: MSM Gay Anchors, Anons on agenda

>>4780318 Continued from lb's POTUS' Israel-Palestine peace plan

>>4780151 Oosh. Even NBC/CNN calling out Pelosi's security excuse as bogus

>>4780031, >>4780050, >>4780051 Avenatti & his whores, enter Stage Left!

>>4780000 Allow Us to Counter: @SecNielsen's DHS/USSS pledge to support SOTU

>>4779691, >>4779707, >>4780020, >>4780028 Sen. v. Dems re: Russian sanctions

>>4779783, >>4779825, >>4780002 On POTUS' Israel-Palestine peace plan

>>4779866 Statement from @WH Press Secretary re: deaths in Syria

>>4779863 Theresa May wins No-Confidence vote, Hooray for Forced Globalism!

>>4779653 Border Rancher Finds "Prayer Rugs" (but Muh Ports of Entry)

>>4779636, >>4779685, >>4779832, >>4779841 Anons re: SOTU, shutdown, & Movie

>>4779582, >>4779594 Bongino pod: Nunes "drops breadcrumbs," "make bread of 'em"

>>4779562, >>4779738 Congress skippin' recess? Fed courts/Mil Tribunal digg

>>4779617 Presidential Memorandum for the Secretary of Commerce Jan 15

>>4779555 Presidential Proclamation on Religious Freedom Day Jan 15

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