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Q 4902 - Buckle Up!

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

-- Last Week Recap --

// The Hunter Biden laptop scandal came out fast, and hit hard for many.

Rudy has told us the crack pipe pictures and damning emails released are just the surface of illegality on the hard drives and certain "disgusting" sexual acts.

Steve Bannon says he will bury them all under an avalanche of evidence.

The FBI's top child porn lawyer Special Agent Joshua Wilson is involved in the Hunter Biden laptop case.

I just cant imagine a scenario were anyone would believe a Joe Biden win in Nov. Will we even have an election? If the MSM try to provide cover for The Biden Crime family, it will only lead to more distrust among their viewers and will speed up the inevitable destruction of their networks. Big Tech is actively censoring The Biden Crime Family story and implementing measures of control akin to the CCP. NYPost was banned from Twitter as well as Charlie Kirk (and myself 7 times now...) .

Chatter from Ted Cruz over the weekend about an emergency hearing with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey (and possibly facebook), presumably on section 230 protections. I believe rumors were subpoenas Tuesday for a Friday hearing. <-- don't hold me to that.

There were so many rallies this week, I may have actually missed my first one. What happened to the Seal Team 6 story? That seemed to get put on the back burner for the moment. //

// This is shaping up to be another huge week, Enjoy the show! //

AC-130 Gunships Light Up the Night


Related slide - I've always enjoyed watching stuff like this. Click watch later if you don't have time.

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