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459 CRIMES: Congress Receives Sweeping Hunter Biden Laptop Dossier Featuring Valiant News

Anonymous 10/21/22 (Fri) 18:41:16 458f42 (19) No.17701012

[Forwarded from Marco Polo] [ Photo ] "Ziegler stated that the purpose of the laptop report is to 'lay out the full nuanced truth' about the Biden family and to 'avoid the embarrassment' of unfruitful Republican congressional investigations. 'Our report is essentially a subcommittee report from the U.S. Congress. That’s what it is,' Ziegler said. 'What we don’t want to see happen — if the Republicans, or if the Democrats wake up tomorrow, and care about pursuing the equal application of the law in the United States — we don’t want them saying they ‘need another year to investigate.’"


Anonymous 10/21/22 (Fri) 18:34:18 458f42 (19) No.17701004

Report on the Biden Laptop (so people can easily read on their iPad/iPhone) …



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