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27 Year Vet Didn't Serve Three Decades to Surrender America to Weak Ass Republicans and Communists


First I've heard of this guy. Trust but verify


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27-Year Navy Vet Running For House: I Didn’t Serve Three Decades To Surrender America To ‘Weak Ass Republicans’, ‘Communist Coup’

Jarome Bell, who is running to represent Virginia’s 2nd District after spending 27 years in the U.S. Navy and retiring as a Chief Petty Officer, delivered a fiery speech at Kim Klacik’s Red Renaissance event in Maryland. Bell accused “weak ass Republicans” of allowing the United States to fall victim to a “communist coup,” and said that his first hand experiences in the Navy is proof that the mostly peaceful Capitol Hill protests January 6 were not an insurrection. “We are in trouble as a nation because we have these weak ass Republicans in this nation that are selling out to the radical left Democrats,” Bell began. “What happened in 2020 is a travesty in this country.” Bell added, “I spent 27 years [in the Navy], retired Chief Petty Officer, and I did not spend almost three decades of my life to turn this country over to the radical left and to these weak ass Republicans here in the United States of America. Our very way of life in this country is at stake.” Bell then leveraged his almost three decades of service to discuss the events of January 6, which many Democrats and mainstream media outlets claim was an “insurrection.” Bell started, “I’ve traveled all over this world, 27 years, I’ve been around this world more than 10 times. I’ve seen insurrections, January 6 was not an insurrection. You do not perform an insurrection with no guns. I’ve seen countries being taken over by dictators. I’ve been evacuated out when we had to leave because they were taken over by dictators.”

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