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2020 Election - We Have It All

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes is fantastic. Everyone has got to watch her interview on election fraud with the poor sap who got taken apart by her. Thank you Don Jr. for putting this masterpiece out for the public to see. WITCH HUNT!

​Halper/Hayes Notables.

"Jack"/ [They] Made a huge mistake.

Trump now has Subpoena power/ Discovery

2020 election made Biden Pres of a Bankrupt US Corp.

Election Interference EO

How did he know? (We Know)

Think. Mil. Dept of Def.

Space Force!!!

Real results of election.

Don't fool yourself. (We Have it All)

State Supreme Courts changed election laws. Illegal.

2000 Mules ...*

Trump 60 cases lost... No (MSM Enemy of the people)

Won, 2

Lost, 1

Nonstanding; 57

I sit on a DOD Task Force

They've got the goods.

Civil War if presented before.

People See How Bad. (Simmer)

He didn't try to subvert.

He set up the Deep State. (Trap)

Burisma Biden $10 Million

Joe Quid pro Quo on tape

Trump is Optics Master!!!

Trump Queen Comms = Bankrupt US Corp.

Vatican, Crown, US.

Since 1871.

Im Ending this. Dissolving US corp" ( End the endless,

Pope Wasn't Happy

650 Planes of Gold Returned

Back to a republic.





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