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11.3 Law of War

Anonymous 01/20/22 (Thu) 15:20:22 f46399 (11) No.15423529


I'm not claiming that this is what will happen. To most anons, the fact that we've been at infiltrated has been apparent for decades. I've had my mind set on moving towards 2022 and 2024 elections to take it back, but should these dots align and hold some truth, I will be greatful. I do recommend your personal preparedness. Make efforts to have a few weeks of emergency supplies on hand. Once we break through to the other side of this there will be periods of unrest and chaos in certain locations. Do not be afraid, be prepared.


Anonymous 01/20/22 (Thu) 15:39:54 7677ab (2) No.15423672

>>15423571 “If you look at 11.3 in the DOD manual you see they talk about GC. Trump does everything by the book. You may not like it but in order for us to get to the finish line we must play by the rules set down for us. If we break GC code we risk the globalists getting involved using NATO. Remember we are also at war with the globalists and they would not hesitate to get involved if given a reason. “The DOD Law of War Manual (11.3) explains that GC code applies to both the belligerent occupier and the occupied territory (USA). After one year the GC obligation expires for the occupied territory. “Remember China and Biden took control on 1/20/2021. One year will be 1/20/2022. After that date our military has the legal authority to take our country back. This is when 11.3 goes into effect.”


Anonymous 01/20/22 (Thu) 17:27:06 40e5ab (1) No.15424271




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