Anonymous 12/29/20 (Tue) 23:11:19 9512a2 (3) No.12232412

"YOU HAVE MORE THAN YOU KNOW." So I would like to believe Q+ was sending comms with his Thomas Becket Proclamation today…for several reasons.

(Post- )

1.) The line "Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?" came up during Comey's hearing back in June 2017 after his shitcanning - when Angus King asked Cornmaster General about POTUS allegedly ordering him to let General Flynn go. The media seemed to latch onto the exchange too because there were many articles written about it afterward, some implying demon boy himself was Trump's meddlesome priest.

// Video archived here //

2.) Q Post #2662 -

From the article, Joe diGenova: 'Cardinal' James Comey - The man who destroyed the FBI: "Comey is a poseur. He pretends to be Thomas Becket but he is, in fact, the assassin, Henry II. He claims in his memos he doesn’t do sneaky things, leak or do weasely things. Yet in his interview with Fox News’ Bret Baier he pretended not to know what a leak is." Not datefagging, but check out the date of the post and article: January 6, 2019. So yeah, always thought this graphic of mine was kinda far out there, but not so sure anymore…either way, the Becket assassination stuff tying into the diGenova op-ed date is just spoopy. Maybe somebody will finally get punished for plotting to kill POTUS?

>>12232412 >So I would like to believe Q+ was sending comms with his Thomas Becket Proclamation today…for several reasons. As your big graphic notes, Becket died in 1170 and POTUS noted today is the anniversary.

Anonymous 12/31/20 (Thu) 22:59:15 4cd303 (4) No.12261258


Update…saw anon brought up the missing "d" in General Flynn's tweet yesterday ("suppose to") and how it goes with that one Washington crossing the Delaware Durham boat Q post (that also happens to discuss election rigging kek). Well, there are other posts where Q says "suppose to" that I find moar interdasting. One referring to The Sum of All Fears, with the criminal masterminds getting offed at the end of the movie for their treason. And then the other with the picture of the foiled Whidbey missile attack against POTUS and AF1. Both feature BOOM-related assassination incidents. Tying this back to the proclamation for Thomas Becket the other day, assassinated in 1170, Q Post #1170 has, whaddaya know, BOOM BOOMS.

Now today, Ezra Cohen retweets a video of American spies, coming at the end of a thread detailing the foiled assassination plot again General Washington where somebody got their ass executed as a result. Fun, right? Well one more…General Flynn just tweeted a thread about the very same General Washington a little while ago. Plus, with all this sudden chatter about Justice Scalia and Seth Rich, is that the major wake-up, the revelation of key assassination plots over the past 5 years? Maybe each "BOOM" represents a different assassination plot to be revealed? Someone going to pay?

Comms are flying, frens, Habby New Year! o7

Previous thoughts:

>>12232412 pb

>>12246748 pb (not included in this post)

>>12248008 pb (not included in this post)

Anonymous 12/30/20 (Wed) 23:43:04 7174b7 (5) No.12246748


POTUS/Q, if by some chance your "STAY TUNED!" tweet last night was comms in response to >>12232412 , 5:5 on the related Q posts. o7

>Q+ marker

>850 year delta for Becket assassination

>Joe diGenova refs to filthy dirty FBI

>Spoopy Jan 29 2018 posts about said filthy dirty FBI

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