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I am in a difficult spot. My wife and I had baby number 3 a few weeks ago. Caring for my families mental health and well being throughout this is my top priority. We are extremely comfy and our kids barely know anything is going on. Stress levels very low. Working on gardening projects with them and enjoying the amazing new addition to our family. The weather has been amazing and we have been spending time playing in the woods behind our house.

I was planning on lots of time off my 9-5 job (for baby bonding) to dedicate to establishing the articles section. However with the 2 older kids home all day everyday, I am struggling to even keep up with everything going on as my schedule is completely filled with parental duties. I am still doing my best to update the archives as much as I possibly can. But the outdated information sitting on the main page is not to my personal standard.

It has been an absolute honor of a lifetime being apart of this for over 2 years now. Watching it develop and witnessing the grand picture of what has been unfolding since President Trump announced his candidacy in 2015 has been a blessing. We are truly living in historic times.


Enjoy the Show!

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